Texas Deputies Find ‘Cop Killer’ Material During Arrests

Bexar County Sheriff Deputies were in for a not so nice surprise when they arrested suspects for robbery and carjackers near San Antonio, Texas Monday, August 17, 2020.

“This is what our brave deputies were up against yesterday when they went after and caught some robbers/carjackers,” tweeted Sheriff Javier Salazar on Tuesday. “These criminals who have no regard for human life tried to take a weapon from a deputy, but were stopped in their tracks.” 

“Judging by the firepower and literature found in their car, they were ready for a fight,” he continued. “Thank God our deputies did their job well and everybody went home at the end of the shift.”

An outpour by hundreds responded in blessings and thankfulness to the tweet.

Bexar County deputies made the arrests.

“God bless all of you and thank you.  Prayers for continued safety and well being of law enforcement officers everywhere. Awesome job!” tweeted Rhonda Lindsey.

Denise Parker tweeted, “Thank you officers.  Bexar county officers are not to be bullied.  Keep doing your job knowing we all have your back.  BLUE LIVES MATTER ALWAYS.”

South Central Texans are still mourning the loss of San Marcos police officer Justin Putnam who was killed in an ambush last April.

Officer Justin Putnam (San Marcos Police)

Jose Alfredo Perez DeLaCruz, 46, an illegal immigrant, murdered San Marcos officer Putnam and wounded officers Franco Stewart and Justin Mueller April 18, 2020.

DeLaCruz ambushed the officers with a rifle while he was wearing body armor before killing himself.

Suspect arrested on robbery and carjacking charges Monday. (Photo by Sheriff Javier Salazar)

Meanwhile, the Austin City Council voted recently to defund their police department practically ignoring their leading percentage in homicide rates in American cities.

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