Trump Says ‘Decoupling’ U.S. Economy With China is a Possibility

In a Fox News interview on Sunday, August 23, 2020, President Donald Trump stated the possibility of decoupling/separating the United States economy from China.

“Well it’s something that if they don’t treat us right I would certainly, I would certainly do that,” the President said.

A possibility of decoupling U.S. and Chinese economy, as stated by Treasury Secretary Steven Munchin, could arise “if America’s companies are not allowed to compete on a fair and level bases in China’s economy.”

Most Americans have no clue that when they walk into a movie theater, the likelihood it’s owned by Chinese companies controlled by Beijing is high.

It’s not your grandparents’ movie theater anymore.

AMC theaters may stand for American Multi-Cinema, but they are owned by China. Billed as “an American company based in Kansas,” the propaganda is familiar as with other Chinese controlled companies.

In actuality, the Wanda Group, a Chinese conglomerate, are the controlling owners of over 11,000 American movie screens.

Make no doubt about it, China controls much of Hollywood and influences what we are allowed to see–in the manner they want it.

Beijing’s State Council forces U.S. filmmakers to censor and adjust their screenplays if they wish to show movies in China’s lucrative market of moviegoers. They allow 34 non-Chinese films into its market every year.

This year, while other theaters remain closed for pandemic restrictions, China will be the biggest movie going country in the world.

Disney, which owns ABC News, also owns only 43 percent of their theme park in Shanghai. Their film studios are hoping to distribute movies in China, where they must pass government censors.

The Communist Controlled Shanghai Shendi Group owns 57 percent of Shanghai Disney.

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