Today the Reckoning for Spygate Perpetrators Against America Begins

A critical deadline was reached Friday, August 14, 2020 at 5 p.m. for Attorney General William Barr and his chief investigator John Durham.

The Conservative TreeHouse (CTH), known for their keen research investigators, set the deadline. The team’s sweeping and deep investigations into FBI Reports, IG Reports, Congressional testimonies, text messages, and emails matches their proven reliable sources.

Durham and Barr.

The leader, using the name “Sundance” has close to one million internet followers and it’s growing fast. An individual who shared information with me stated Sundance “has by far the most detailed information about the entire coup to oust PDJT (President Trump).”

“He has made several trips to DC to brief people and has found no one on either side of the aisle who has the level of information he has,” the source continued. “He has pushed and pushed for this to come out but to no avail.”

“He has given them until 5 pm Friday to take action or he goes public with it and names names, both Republican(s) and Democrat(s) who continue to subvert Trump. Trust me, on this because I trust Sundance. It’s going to be wild and long over due.”

From The Conservative Treehouse.

Recently, CTH met with key people in Durham’s D.C. quarters to deliver a detailed case presentation deliberately making certain those in  critical positions of power realize just how much CTH, their readers, and Americans at large already know about the plots and the perpetrators against President Trump.

Presumably, this solid information is so overreaching, that when those involved realize how much is known and that it will be available to “We, The People,” then attempts of cover-ups or artificial and token  ‘show justice’ tricks will not succeed.

The point pounded into the message to Durham’s representatives is that no one can  sweep this “most monumentally vile scandal in American history off the front pages and out of the history books.”

From Epoch Times

Sundance says they are not hoping, but they are being insistent, because “hope is not a strategy as we enter the final stretch.”

The first pleas in U.S. Attorney Durham’s investigation of what is now called “Spygate” will begin coming in soon. In fact, a lawyer for former FBI attorney Kevin Clinesmith reportedly stated Friday that his client will plead guilty to making a false statement in the first criminal case arising from Durham’s probe.
“The fact is they spied on my campaign and they got caught,” President Donald Trump said at the White House Friday, soon after it was announced.

Within a week, there is the likelihood former FBI official Peter Strzok and FBI special agent Joseph Pientka could be next.

Comey, Clapper & Brennan. Remember those names.

“If no progress is made by this Friday 5pm, CTH will first share the name of the primary Durham investigator to media previously briefed on the documents we assembled. From there, and within 24 hrs, we will make that name public and direct inquiries can begin,” wrote Sundance.

“Barring some unforeseen shift in approach; and based on recent Senate responses to Sally Yates during testimony; there’s going to be no help in the delivery of sunlight from anyone on the Senate Judiciary Committee,” Sundance went on.  “Senator Ron Johnson and the Senate Homeland Security Committee is equally useless; and by now every American should know the Senate Intelligence Committee was an active participant; no help there.”

Saying Spygate “is a lucrative financial business,” Sundance warned that exposing “the real scale of the D.C. fraud and Spygate is peanuts; therefore, there are friendly elements who could actually defend their prior interests. It is predictably unfortunate; and no energy should be wasted.”

“Additionally, media voices paid by Wall Street corporations will offer little sunlight assistance.  There are too many vested financial interests; too many issues of credibility at risk, and too many long-standing reputations exposed. In many ways, directly and indirectly, as you well know, corporate media have participated in the effort to remove President Trump.”

From Conservative Treehouse.

“Phase-2 is to deliver the briefing material we have assembled to larger audiences. The brief is complex, because the operation outlined within it was/is complex. Therefore, it actually takes two reviews to understand it:

• The first review is a timeline of when documents controlled by the Mueller special counsel were made public; the disparate public releases -and the controlled non releases- were/was a method used by the special counsel to keep people from easily connecting the dots. This was by design.  [Review takes about 45 mins]

From Epoch Times

• The second review encompasses an additional timeline from material within the publicly released documents. That second approach connects the dots and clears up the remaining confusion. Both reviews are not easy to absorb; but when that mental light bulb turns on, it can never be turned off… and, most importantly, everything reconciles; including the purposeful inaction of congress.  [About 45 minutes]”

Already, “good people are gathering to review and discuss the best methods to blast the information into the public consciousness. This has been planned for a long time.”

“Delivery to public is not an easy task; the information is intellectually heavy, and the ramifications are considerable. However, on an optimistic note, despite numerous opportunities, no-one has yet been able to challenge either the material or the conclusions based almost entirely on direct evidence; and some very obvious circumstantial evidence.”

What can Americans expect, besides predictable media bashes and typical propaganda?

Sometime today, August 15, 2020, CTH will begin “if no action has been taken by the DOJ or AG Bill Barr,” to “release the name of Durham’s #1. Then on Saturday, that name will go public, and then we go quickly right into phase-2.”

“On one hand, I still hold hope that Durham/Barr will deliver,” said Sundance. “….on the other hand, well, the pressure to preserve the institutions might be too much. However, at a certain point; well beyond all the oft-repeated comments about ‘sensitivity’ and ‘delicate balances;” the brutal truth has to come out – or be forced out.”

“Oddly, I have yet to find a person who believes Durham’s investigative unit has this information; it’s always the last question I ask a group or individual. Investigators who have worked on these issues for years also give the same reply. Unfortunately, and despite direct contact, that lack of knowledge appears intentional.”

Thumbs Up America!

Finally, Sundance offered guidance:

“It took me a while to fully understand just how damaging empty streets, soulless eyes, the lack of smiles, shuttered businesses, and the absence of joy would become.”

“But as I travel around trying to deliver a very specific message to a very specific audience, I recognize just how much damage is being done; not just to our nation as a whole, but also to every individual within it – personally.”

“We must shake this mindset. We must withstand this onslaught and rally to the origin of our true national spirit. We must rally to a standard of Americanism and accept this is not that. In essence, we must individually take a stand. Purposefully, deliberately and with forethought, we must engage those around us to get rid of this sense of foreboding.”

“Fear is at the core of liberalism, and love/trust is at the core of conservatism. Liberalism is about control. Conservatism is about self-empowerment.”

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