Seattle Derangement Violence Gone Wild

Young and impressionable, some of my school friends in the 1960s and 70s thought rioting was cool. Some even organized a “walk out” and “sit in” to object to restrictions of how short a dress could be or long a boy’s hair could grow out.

As we grew into adulthood, became parents and matured, rioting was not so hip. It was stupid. With looting or destruction it is criminal.


Something about becoming a legitimate taxpayer and seeing how our money is wasted by politicians because of their pork, special interests and self serving profits (a la the Biden, Clinton, Pelosi, and Obama families), can change a naive idealist mind.

Texas’ all time honest and fair television news anchor Chris Marrou said it best today:

Is there some new dangerous drug in Seattle or is Trump Derangement Syndrome (hatred of Donald Trump) doing this to people?”

KOMO News excerpts:

“Brittany Nicole Torres is accused of pushing a stranger to the ground at a bus stop and then using a rock ‘the size of a baseball’ to beat that person.”

“Mauluga Matautia has been charged with Assault in the 3rd Degree and Assault in the 4th Degree after he allegedly assaulted people at random outside of an apartment building near 3rd and James.”

“Sabrina Greges is charged with Assault in the 2nd Degree after she’s reported to have tried attacking a woman at an espresso stand with a pair of scissors. According to a police report, she told officers she ‘lost control’ of herself.”

“George Kiona approached multiple people at the [hot dog stand] and began shouting racial slurs and threatened to kill them. One woman is said to have been punched in the jaw by Kiona during his tirade.”

The far left and liberal city leaders have allowed the destruction to occur with little ramifications. They are reaping what they sow.

The Federal Government should not provide financial aid to bail out any city–including New York, Los Angeles, St. Louis, Portland and others–that allows this illegal and criminal conduct.

You broke it. You fix it.

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