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Clever Journeys Creed

“To live with less, so that the truly important things in life may rise to the surface. To enjoy the freedom of travel and America’s liberty. To live minimally, but meaningfully. To live simply, but fully.”


We make no warranties, claims or assertions of how many articles we will post per month, or how many views each and any post will get.

🔹The solitary CPC (Cost Per Click) will appear below other ads (and occasionally within the copy) . First Come First Serve (FCFS) ad will appear immediately after the article. We limit each page to just five ads (including the CPC ad). Second ad will be placed under FCFS ad.

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Ad Rates

🔹One Ad @ $40 per article. This ad is just one appearance, if space is available in an article of our choice. They will appear under our sponsors ads and above the last CPC ad. Examples:

Texas, Recipes, Food, Simple…
Travel, RV, South Dakota
Travel, Texas, RV, Dallas, San Antonio…

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6 Months of ads, paid up front, is $600.

12 months of ads, paid up front is $1,046.

Our Brands

JackNotes (Summaries of books, conferences, knowledge and learning).
Herd it Through the Grapevine (Tips, Tidbits and Hints from Dodie)
True American Crime Stories
Old West Tales (True stories of the 1800s out west).

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In general, advertising on CleverJourneys is minimal and placed at the bottom of each article because:

1. Our readers are loyal, respected and listened to. We will maintain this trust in the ads on this site. As “thought leaders, ” we could sell many ads – sponsors want the kudos and referential trust from being associated with CleverJourneys–but we choose advertising to enhance, rather than take away from our messages.

2. Ads affect conversion and retention because it gives readers another option – to click a tantalizingly worded ad – they learn, enjoy, feel and share our work.

3. Many blogs suffer from serious banner blindness – in fact as a whole, most Internet users don’t “see” most banners because they know they are ads (and hence ignore them). To break through the blindness and get a response, a very well targeted and suited ad is appropriate.

🔹This is all the more reason we are particular about finding the right sponsors that match with our values and audiences.

Rather than an advertising emphasis, we earn from sponsorship writing, guest writing, e-books, books, affiliate marketing, consulting services, coaching, pay-gated content, product or service reviews, and other sales.

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Female: 57% Male: 41% Unknown: 2%


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21-29: 15%

30-39: 25%

40-59: 31%

60+: 26%


Sept. 2020: 6,517,338

Nov. 2020: 8,295,659 (Election peak)

Dec. 2020: 9,878,055 (Post election)

Jan. 2020: 6,118,947 (Social Media censorship)

Feb. 2021: 683,336 (reduction from)

March 2021: 655,128

April 2021: 864,535

May 2021: 1,338,511

June 2021: 1,822,318

July 2021: 1,009,104

August 2021: 1,042,227

Sept 2021: 1,136,742

Oct 2021: 1,084,004

Nov 2021: 1,188,086

Dec 2021: 1,686,749

Jan 2022: 1,436,117

Feb 2022: 1,253,524

March 2022: 1,710,152

April 2022: 1,577,754

Dec. 20, 2020

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We make no warranties, claims or assertions of how many articles we will post per month, or how many views each and any post will get.

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