Just the Population of One Liberal California City Doesn’t Equal CNN’s Total Viewership

Just how bad is CNN?

To listen in on most naive propaganda followers, one would think CNN ruled truth in Big Media. They are dead wrong.

Popular meme

Anything reported or concocted by the far-left disinformation arm of the Democratic Party is to be distrusted by default.

Just how relative are they to actual truth? How widespread is their influence? The answer is obviously determined by their viewer ratings.

Their ratings are so bad, that one could easily surmise that only a small percentage of those still wearing masks while driving alone in their electric powered cars continue to watch CNN…occasionally.

You could take the entire population of JUST ONE liberal West Coast city, like Long Beach, California, and that would still be more than the ENTIRE prime time viewership for CNN.

The population of Long Beach in 2022 was 451,307 (like many California cities, they were down 3.31% from 2020 despite illegal alien increases).

Just for grins, we could consider TWO West Coast cities, Fremont, California (223,871), and Tacoma, Washington (221,776), and those together would still be more than the ENTIRE prime time viewership for CNN.

For the month of May, 2023, CNN’s prime time viewership is a bit under 450,000.

John Nolte, from Breitbart, commented the day after CNN’s May 10th hosting of President Donald J. Trump.

“CNN is a political outfit, and whether you are a politician, a super PAC, or a lobbying group, the last thing a political outfit can afford is to lose its base of support,” he wrote. “Your base is everything, and CNN’s teeny-tiny base is about 450,000 members of the Woke Gestapo and a handful of conservatives who can’t stop hate-watching.”

“That fact is the real reason last night was a catastrophe for CNN,” Nolte continued. “By handing Trump a forum and allowing Trump to look as good as he did—and he’s never been better—CNN alienated and infuriated its base. Look around. The resentment from the Woke Gestapo is everywhere, and the Woke Gestapo doesn’t forgive.”

“Moreover, the town hall moderator, a nagging, lying, intellectual lightweight, also proved to the CNN-curious that, despite numerous promises of reform, CNN is still the Brownshirt arm of the Democrat party: a vicious and brutal propaganda enforcer that spreads conspiracy theories and incites violence,” he wrote later after CNN’s ratings continued to crumble.

An enlightening and horrific example of just how bad CNN reporting is was when their media personality Christiane Amanpour reported an Israeli mother and two daughters who were murdered in a terror attack in April had been killed in a “shootout.”

In reality, Lucy Dee, 48, and daughters Maia, 20, and Rina, 15, were murdered by Palestinian terrorists while on a drive to Tiberias during the Passover holiday.

It took almost a month for Amanpour to barely apologize on air.

CNN, owned by AT&T, took a blow in viewership in a Harvard Study in 2017. They analyzed media coverage of President Trump’s first 100 days in office and determined that CNN’s coverage was 93% negative.


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  1. One day, I compared CNN, MSNBC, and Fox. CNN was so boring, I could barely watch it. The commentators all spoke in a monotone. Over at MSNBC, the hysteria and hyperbole were so blatant, I couldn’t stand to watch it. Fox was more down-to-earth and truthful, which is why it was #1. Fox, now, has shot itself in the foot and is limping around with the rest. How stupid to deliberately give up your #1 spot!

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  2. CNN =
    Certainly Not News
    Corporate Nazi Network

    The Closest Thing to the Former Fox News is Sky News in Australia. They are available on YouTube.

    ‘Hopelessly muddled’: Another hot minute of Joe Biden being ‘thoroughly disorientated’

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