Bank Records Expose Biden Family Crimes of at Least $10M

It’s little wonder that Joe Biden is not paying attention to the historical and massive illegal alien invasion.

House Republicans recently unveiled new bank records showing that the Biden family has been profiting from a corrupt foreign influence scheme since at least Joe Biden’s time as vice president.

House Oversight Committee Chairman Rep. James Comer (R-KY) announced the alarming new findings.

“The committee has reviewed thousands of bank records from individuals and companies affiliated with the Bidens and their associates,” Comer  said. “It has received these bank records pursuant to four subpoenas I’ve issued to different banks. These were targeted and specific subpoenas, and each was different based on the information we believed the banks possessed. Every one of those subpoenas returned valuable information that had been unreported and that contributed to this committee’s understanding of how the Bidens conducted their businesses.”

“The committee is concerned by the complicated suspicious network of over 20 companies,” he continued. “We have in identified the Bidens and their associates used to enrich themselves. Most of these companies were limited liability companies formed during Joe Biden’s vice presidency.”

“The bank records show the Biden family, their associates, and their companies received over $10 million from foreign nationals and their companies,” he went on. “Some of that money came from a Chinese company and went to Hunter Biden’s company. Other transfers occurred with the help of Rob Walker, who then sent it on to different Biden family members. This is not how lawful businesses operate.”

“Chinese nationals affiliated with the Bidens, created limited liability companies in the United States, and then in a short period of time transferred their interest to a Chinese company that sent money to the Bidens,” Comer said. “This is not normal. Hunter Biden and his associates courted business in countries that correlated directly with Joe Biden’s work as vice president.”

“Instead of being honest with the American people, President Biden has claimed since the 2020 election that his family has not received money from China,” Comer said. “That was a lie in 2020, and he continues to lie to the American people. Now, the Bidens have received millions of dollars from China. It is inconceivable that the president did not know it. The White House refuses to correct the president’s statements showing the President is now using the federal government to run interference for his family’s and his own role in these schemes.”

House Republicans are also issuing a new round of bank subpoenas to uncover more information about the Biden family’s suspect finances.

Comer has set a noon deadline for the FBI to deliver an informant file alleging that Joe Biden took bribes while he was Vice President.


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  1. My fear is that nothing will happen to prosecute these criminals. The DOJ refuses to look into it and the FBI does the same. Nixon was impeached for ” spitting on the sidewalk” compared to the Biden’s and their crimes. Keep it up, Jack.

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  2. Check out the middle photo of Biden in your “related articles.” That is the real Joe Biden; the others, not. That ice dam is sure breaking, they won’t escape, even though it feels hopeless. The temptation is to just feel numb, but it’s changing. “Keep it up, Jack.”

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