Official 3-Year Statistics of COVID are Released

Who can trust WHO?

Earth has now experienced three years since the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a global pandemic.

During their official announcement, there were only 118,000 cases reported worldwide.

What did we learn from those three years?

  1. The WHO, is a politicized organization primarily funded by the notorious billionaire Bill Gates and left-wing led countries.

2. The virus drastically changed our lives, economies, industries and ways of thinking.

3. The pandemic, billed as to last “two weeks to flatten the curve,” shed light on how corrupt our politicians, health care, Big Pharma, Deep State government and Big Media are.

4. Dishonesty prevailed. Innocent people suffered. Many died because of the bioweapon jab dangers that lined the pockets of the political greedy, powerful, bureaucratic, and underhanded–especially in medicine, government, military, health and media industries.

5. As of March 7, the WHO claimed  759,408,703 total cases. Of those, 102,247,392 — or 13.5 percent — were in the U.S.

6. Since the pandemic’s onset, they have reported 6,866,434 deaths globally. The U.S. accounts for 16 percent of those deaths with a total of 1,111,342.


7. Since tracking began in August 2020, the CDC reports 6,020,879 COVID-19 patients have been hospitalized in the U.S. However, we now know the CDC, with the help of government incentives to hospitals and health care providers, that COVID was mislabeled, misconstrued, or added to other diagnoses for profit.

8. CDC claims, in the U.S., 230,142,115 people, or 69 percent of the U.S. population, have received two jabs, the “primary series of the vaccine.”

9. However, as more Americans learned about or experienced the dangers of these mRNA jabs, they elected not to proceed with the “boosters.”

Only 16 percent of the U.S. population have elected or were forced (as condition of employment, social engineering, etc.) to receive a booster.


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  1. Since WHO ran out of mileage (and suckers), I see that there is an equally big push to keep the population in check with the fear of AI, drag queens, and trannies. Look through the news headlines. Every other story is about 1 of those 3. A fearful population is a compliant population. These hyped-up stories also misdirect all the attention away from FJB and all the treasonist crimes being committed by him, his family, and his bootlicking, string-pulling cartel.

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  2. Right from the beginning, I believed that Dr. Fauci was working as an operative for the Democratic Party to hurt President Trump, influence the 2020 election, and consolidate their power. Right from the beginning, COVID was politicized by the liberal media, the Democratic Party, and the RINOS. People who did not work in healthcare may be forgiven for believing all the lies, but the ones who did work in healthcare were guilty of collusion and conspiracy against the American people. Doctors and nurses with medical knowledge about diseases and the proper protocols for handling communicable organisms remained silent. Anybody working in a hospital knew that cloth masks do not work. They knew that paper masks could only be worn for about 30 minutes and then thrown in the trash. But hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and other companies were making huge profits. We can never forget.

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  3. Not to mention their sadistic goal of eliminating 1/3 of the world’s population was not met via this Plandemic. Maniacal Bill ‘Mr. Population Control’ Gates has already announced a much more dangerous, deadly organism will be unleashed on the world shortly. His lust for blood won’t be satisfied until every man, woman (and everything in between), child and infant receives his latest poisonous jab.
    Population control is the end game and vaccination is the vehicle that will help them reach that goal.
    Personally I believe their house of cards is crumbling as too many people are aware of their criminal acts and can no longer be manipulated by them. Thankful for the Frontline Doctors and their associates who have stood for the truth all along.

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  4. Exactly, to both you ladies. Anyone in health care knows masks only work for a few minutes, and not against viruses. In my line of work, the bosses were insisting we wore masks everywhere, but I wouldn’t do it unless I was stuck with paranoid people in the office for a little while. I told everyone that they were useless at best and incubators at worst. Nobody listened. But the ugly truth about this whole mess is coming out, and that house of cards is going to be hit with the worst Divinely orchestrated storm we ever saw. They’ve done it to themselves.

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