How Wokeness Has Gone Wild and Reckless in America

America continues to be deluged with the ravage of the dishonest coronavirus pandemic, Black Lives Matter pillage, financial scourge, a tsunami of crime and indiscriminate allegations of racism or lack of “wokeness.”

The average citizen has reached their limit with the destructive media who propagate deception against past presidents, movie stars, religious, domestic and foreign authors.

Americans are turning away from Big Media and beginning to trust their own eyes and ears.

They steer away from media lies and seek firsthand information from people they trust.

Even people who have historically supported and voted liberal causes are calling out these far-left radicals and the indoctrinated for their craziness. It’s destructive and nuts!

Jesus Christ statue destroyed

Media spin, social engineering, propaganda involves the destruction of American history and a turn to New World Order.

“When you hear someone making generalizations about a group of people, imagine they are talking about you and react accordingly,” one patriot said to others at a lunch table in South Central Texas. “If people insist on spouting back headlines and talking points, make them prove it, in their own words.”

Here are actual cases of such destruction barely mentioned in Big Media.

•”Father of our Country” and first President George Washington has been branded a racist and his statues are defaced.

•President Abraham Lincoln’s various statues nationwide have been toppled, marred, and/or destroyed. His efforts to end slavery have been distorted, defamed, negatively fabricated. In the District of Columbia, the Lincoln Memorial was defaced, and demonstrators vow to destroy it.

The fact that as president, Lincoln presided over the Civil War which was fought to end slavery and free the African descended slaves, is of no matter to the rioters and anarchists.

Among the most vocal anti-Lincoln slanderous fraudsters is Nalah McWhorter at the University of Wisconsin. McWhorter, president of the University Black Student Union, has been quoted as saying that Abraham Lincoln opposed slavery. She contends Lincoln did not support equal rights for African-Americans.

•In Madison, Wisconsin, a jewelry store robber was caught on camera helping destroy the statue of Col. Hans Christian Heg, a Civil War hero.

Seven protesters were arrested in Miami, Florida vandalizing the statues of Christopher Columbus and Juan Ponce de Leon. They spray painted a hammer and sickle, Black Lives Matter fists and more.

•Princeton University trustees said the university would remove President Woodrow Wilson’s name from the University’s Public Policy School due to the 28th president’s (1913-1921) “racist” past.

•The statue of Robert E. Lee was torn down by four protesters at the high school of the same name in Montgomery, Alabama.

•Orange County, California, Democrats want to rename its John Wayne Airport because they think he was a “racist” and “bigot.”

(Wayne’s three wives were of Panamanian, Mexican and Peruvian nationality.)

•In Albuquerque. New Mexico, the statue of Don Juan de Oñate and other conquistadors leading the Spaniards through “New Spain” was vandalized.

•A Christopher Columbus statue in Boston, Massachusetts was beheaded.

•The San Francisco, California, honor statue of Fr. Junipero Serra was toppled on Juneteenth, along with the statues of Francis Scott Key and Ulysses S. Grant in California’s Golden Gate Park.

Key wrote the American national anthem and Grant was a Union General in the Civil War and later president of the United States (1869-1877).

•The statue of Confederate general Lawrence Sullivan Ross was vandalized and spray painted with the word “racist” along with “BLM” and “ACAB.” The statue also had a rainbow colored wig placed on its head.

•A Muslim BLM activist, Umar Lee, organized a mob to target the home of St. Louis, Catholic Archbishop demanding to change the name of the city. However, city residents protected the statue of St. Louis IX, king of France.

Moji Sidiqi,of the Regional Muslim Action Network told a local newspaper, “It’s a revolution.”

•The famous English author, Charles Dickens, has been castigated as “racist” by the British BLM. The question asked by the British citizens, are these BLM members “really Brits or immigrants?”

•Scotland’s Robert the Bruce statue has been vandalized as a “racist king.”

•Queen Victoria’s statue in Leeds, England, was painted with words, “Slave owner,” “slag,” and “whore.” BLM has been credited with these acts of vandalism.

Lincoln Memorial

“Almost everything that has followed from the woke mass hysteria gripping the nation since 2020 has proved disastrous,” said the Toronto Sun. “Wokeism destroys meritocracy in favour of forced equality of result — history’s prescription for civilizational decline.”

Many countries, including Canada, have been experiencing various forms of “woke” and “wokeness” with various degrees of tolerance.

“No wonder a woke FBI recently hired out social media censors to suppress stories it deemed unhelpful,” the Canadian press noted. “Soviet-style, wokeism mandates strict ideological party-line narratives under the cover of “science.” No wonder a woke government lied that requiring vaccines would prevent both infection and infectiousness.”


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