American, Living in Russia, Provides Honest Insight About Ukraine

Special and exclusive to, who has included photos for additional insight.

Forget media psyops and propaganda for a moment and consider the sincere insight from an American currently living in Russia.

Obviously, his name, American hometown, and other identifying information are not included in this article for his protection.

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I hesitate to openly share things with you because the message from the Western media is teaching people to think Russia invaded Ukraine because they are mean and power mad. So I hope you don’t think I’m evil, but here is the Russian perspective. 

Everything is normal in Russia (and Belarus…I spend time there too).  Daily life is totally unaffected by the war and sanctions. There’s plenty of food, medicine, etc.

People simply find ways around sanctions for bringing money or goods to Russia. So there’s probably some extra cost on some goods. But everything is basically stable and normal. And people just go about their lives normally. 

The Russian side of the story is that the Ukrainian government was actually pretty neutral and played the west and Russia against each other. Then the United States helped agitate and pay for the 2014 Maidan revolution in Ukraine which overthrew the democratically elected government of Ukraine and replaced it with a western puppet regime. 

John McCain in Ukraine
Victoria Nuland

John McCain and Victoria Newland (sic, it is Nuland, an American diplomat) and other US state officials were actively going around giving speeches at the demonstrations encouraging the western backed coup.

Ukraine now had an openly pro-western anti-Russian government.

Several territories  in Ukraine seceded because they saw the government in Kyiv as an illegitimate western puppet government. 

Russia had to annex Crimea which is already 99% ethnic russian anyways. They had to annex Crimea because it’s an essential seaport with existing Russian naval bases. Whoever controls Crimea controls the Black Sea…They  didn’t want  the United States controlling the seaports of Crimea. 

Russia has a few western seaports and would be hemmed in without the black sea.

 Historically crimea has always been a part of Russia anyways. It was gifted to the state of Ukraine in like the 1990s as the Soviet Union collapsed. 

So for eight years Ukraine has been killing people and attacking these eastern breakaway provinces.

NATO and United States has been training troops and arming them in Ukraine. Including radical far right wing neo-Nazis battalions.

Russia basicly kept asking the west to stop escalating things in Ukraine which they refused. Russia told him they were going to go to war if they didn’t start building up this massive Ukrainian army on their border.

Once Ukraine started talking about getting nuclear weapons from NATO, Russia had enough and invaded. 

Russia has always depended upon having buffer states in between them and the west.

Ukraine was an important buffer state that added distance from Moscow to the west. Once Ukraine becomes a part of NATO, then it’s a straight shot to Moscow if there’s any war.  Or 3 minutes to do a missile strike on  Moscow. 

So basically America is an empire with over 500 military bases all around the world that bullies other nations into doing what they want, including taking advantage of them financially. 

They’ve been at war for the past 20 years, invading and destroying Middle Eastern countries. And now they’re acting like it’s inappropriate for a neighboring country to invade another when they feel threatened. 

I believe the American empire is overstretched, and the newest generation of leaders is less talented and frankly incompetent.

They are having a hard time managing what they’ve inherited. At home in America, things are becoming more economically, socially, and politically unstable. 

I visited home during covid lockdown and it was a distopia with homeless drug addicts, some of my property damaged in BLM Riots,  friends losing their jobs because they refused to take an experimental injection, a former classmate who died of blood clots all over her body due to the vaccine which she was coerced into taking.

Another former classmate whom I was close to became a drug addict and committed suicide. Another friend‘s mother drank herself to death… The Covid lockdown just kind of pushed them over the edge. 

There are many other Western expats (refugees) who are here for the same reasons. 

So anyways…now I am safe in Russia watching the US bank system collapse (or consolidate). 

China and Russia are rising powers, and they are basically clashing with US, which is a declining power. It’s going to be a wild ride as the US tries to maintain world dominance, and Russia and China try to push back. 

I hope you find this insightful and not offensive. 


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  1. i have read about the biolabs in Ukraine and the answers about them go back and forth, who do you believe, i can not say if what this guy is saying is the truth or not, i hear the same thing from the far left, condemning the USA, we are not perfect and neither is anyone else. in regards to this defector, he is a traitor and a coward, if i was on a ship that was in great distress i would not leave it for my own personal safety, i would stay and fight my hardest to keep her afloat, apparently he has left the ship. there is so much corruption and evil world wide, the only answer is for YESHUA to come back and fix this mess. GODSPEED to you all

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Crimea was actually gifted to Ukraine long before 1990. It was Khrushchev (I believe) in 1954 that did this at a time when it was really irrelevant as the Soviet Union was essentially one nation. That said, Crimea has been historically Russian.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Victoria, you do not have one clue of why that guy is there. Saying he abandoned it is ludicrous. People have their reasons for being in other countries and it does not involve political ideology so jumping to a conclusion like yours is nothing but doing exactly what the left do.


  4. A clear picture, at last. The Deep State is more entrenched than we can wrap our
    heads around, and it will take a miracle reawakening Jesus Revolution and good people everywhere, and mostly God Himself, to clean this up. It will take all hands on deck. We are not throwing in the towel.

    Liked by 1 person

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