Dangerous San Antonio Liberalism Prevails as Crime Soars

Photo by JOSE GIL on Pexels.com

George Soros influenced San Antonio, Texas politicians are pushing for voters to decide on a charter amendment regarding abortion, marijuana, and police actions on May 6, 2023.

In March 2018, billionaire Soros donated more than $900,000 through the Texas Justice & Public Safety PAC to get left-wing progressive liberal Joe Gonzales in Bexar County (San Antonio) District Attorney’s office.

In 2022, Soros used $1 million directly from his name and added $150,000 from his federal Democracy PAC II into the Texas Justice & Public Safety PAC in mid-October, according to the Texas Ethics Commission. Soros is the sole funder of the Texas-based PAC, which is led by Whitney Tymas, his longtime operator of such committees that pop up in various states supporting progressive prosecutor candidates.

Photo by Henry Becerra on Pexels.com

Hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of television and digital advertisements, direct mail and polling services were used to support Bexar County DA Joe Gonzalez and Dallas County DA John Creuzot in the days following the cash infusion. 

What is the result of the city-county crime rate under the current leadership (city council, county commissioners, DA, police chief, and sheriff)?

San Antonio is Dangerous City

Neighborhood Scout gives them a crime index rating of only “3.” This means 97% of U.S. cities are more safe than San Antonio.

In every square mile of the city, 154 crimes occur each year. The national median and Texas is right at 27.

Per every 1,000 residents in San Antonio, 7.51 are victims of violent crimes.

42.04 experience property crime.

The chance of becoming a victim of a violent crime in the Alamo City is 1 in 133.

The chance of being murdered in the city is .12 per 1,000 residents, while being robbed is 1.19 per 1,000.

There’s almost 1 out of every 1,000 who are raped in San Antonio.

According to state law, this 2023 ballot initiative could be illegal.

Marijuana, Abortions, Get Out of Jail Free

If approved by voters, the charter amendment would:

  • end enforcement of low-level marijuana possession (Class A or B misdemeanor offenses)
  • prohibit San Antonio police officers from investigating or making arrests for abortions, as well as prohibit them from enforcing any state law that criminalizes abortion
  • ban no-knock warrants
  • ban law enforcement use of chokeholds
  • use citations instead of arrests for low-level, nonviolent crimes

The measure would also allow the City Council to appoint a Justice Director. The liberalized purpose of the Justice Director would include reducing incarceration and mitigating law enforcement practices. The political position would report directly to the City Council.

The San Antonio City Council voted on Feb. 16 to place the charter amendment on the ballot after certifying that organizers submitted 20,973 valid signatures – above the 20,000 signature requirement to certify the initiative for the ballot.

ACT 4 SA, a nonprofit organization, worked to place the initiative on the ballot along with other advocacy groups, like Ground Game Texas.

Ananda Tomas, executive director of ACT 4 SA, said: “We will be saving money, keeping families together, stopping the unnecessary overcrowding of jails — but most of all, we will be saving lives through these policies.”

Police Association Says No to Amendment

The San Antonio Police Officers Association opposes the amendment. Danny Diaz, president of the union, said no-knock warrants and chokeholds are already prohibited unless a life is at serious risk. Diaz also said the proposed charter amendment is in direct conflict with state law regarding abortion and marijuana cases.

“The decriminalization of marijuana and abortion are handled at the state and federal level of government,” Diaz said in a statement, “This is not a decision that can be implemented at a local level.”

City Sued for Violating Texas Local Government Code

The Texas Alliance for Life, a nonprofit organization that describes itself as pro-life, sued the San Antonio City Clerk and the San Antonio City Council on Feb. 9, alleging the proposed charter amendment violates the Texas Local Government Code, which prohibits multiple-subject charter amendments.

The single-subject rule requires ballot initiatives to address a single subject, topic, or issue.

Of the 26 states that provide for citizen-initiated ballot measures, 17 of those states have single-subject rules.

While Texas does not provide for statewide citizen initiatives, Texas law requires local charter amendments to include only one subject.

The Texas Alliance for Life said: “[Our] emergency petition for writ of mandamus shows that the proposed charter amendment, which contains six distinct amendments shoe-horned into one proposition, violates state law and must be blocked and separated into distinct proposals.”

Soros Owned DA’s Are Pro-Criminal

Perhaps Zack Smith and Cully Stimson of the Heritage Foundation, explains what is going on when they describe Soros owned rogue DA’s as “avowedly pro-criminal and decidedly anti-victim. In fact, they believe that criminal defendants–people who commit murder, rape, child abuse, abuse of women, and the like–are the real victims…”

“…they forget victims, coddle criminals, and usurp the role of the legislative branch of government by declining to prosecute entire categories of crimes.”

The authors show that these hired gun DA’s use these tactics to “dismantle the system. They have made eliminating cash bail a primary goal….They have adopted a nobody-gets-held-without-bail approach. In fact, they support releasing most defendants with little to no bail.”


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  1. Ever wonder what type of money tree Soros grows

    No one questions the ever bearing fruitful Money tree

    I think there might be a real story about this money tree

    Liked by 3 people

    • One good example is one of his biggest personal investments of Rivera (sic) electric cars. Like magic and on cue, Biden announces how federal vehicles will be EVs, new mandates & executive orders appear in Soros’ favor. It’s worth it to Soros to donate. Biden dissed Elon Musk’s Tesla at about the same time.
      It basically works the same as the Ukraine & China deals. Cleverjourneys.com tags “Soros” explores some of these money tree deals and will continue to do so. As always, thanks for your wisdom & guidance.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Well Jack, thanks for the heads up. MoMo and I were considering a trip to the Alamo and supper on the River Walk, now I’m not so sure. One of my sons friends recently moved from SA to Rockport because of the crime, so this report seals the deal for us. I remember the days when it was a safe city to visit for a weekend. Dallas is likely worse as is Houston. Fort Worth, not so much, all the cowboys carry a hog so the bad boys never know when they will get plugged.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Actually, we were at Alamo & Riverwalk just 2 weekends ago and although vigilent, I felt safe. Big police presence at Alamo, Houston Street (theaters) & Rangers on Riverwalk. I tend to stay away from any big city including Austin as much as possible. Thanks Phil.

      Liked by 2 people

  3. I do not live in San Antonio, but several of my family members do and I drive to SA frequently to go to appointments, shop, etc. I cannot vote for or against this heinous proposition, but it will affect me and so many others who are not eligible to vote in SA elections. I am praying that a majority of San Antonio citizens have enough sense to vote NO against this ridiculous proposition that will only help criminals. It’s insidious what is happening in our society. VOTE NO AGAINST THIS CHARTER AMENDMENT.

    Liked by 3 people

  4. I just went into some serious prayer, reading this. What a stinking mess! I like your use of the adjective “Dangerous” here. Doesn’t the Left use adjectives as an emotional tool to shape reactions? I will keep on with the serious prayer and speaking. Good exposure.

    Liked by 2 people

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