Churches Across America Experiencing Significant Increases in Hostility

According to a report from the Family Research Council, the first quarter of 2023 has seen a “significant increase in acts of hostility” against churches compared to the same time frame last year.

“Research conducted by Family Research Council (FRC) indicates that criminal acts against churches have been steadily on the rise for the past several years, and the first quarter of 2023 has continued the upward trend,” according to the report.

“…In the first quarter of 2023, 69 incidents have already occurred. If this rate continues, 2023 will have the highest number of incidents of the six years FRC has tracked, continuing the upward trend. Most of the 2023 incidents occurred in January (43); 14 occurred in February, and 12 occurred in March.”

In those same months, 2018 saw 15 acts of hostility against churches, 2019 saw 12, 2020 saw none, 2021 saw 14, and 2022 saw 24, according to the supplemental report.

The FRC began analyzing publicly available data at the beginning of 2022 in an effort to identify possible trends in acts of vandalism, bomb threats, gun-related incidents, and other acts of hostility perpetrated against churches in the United States.

Their original 85-page report released in December 2022 notes that the FRC’s count is “not comprehensive” because “many acts of hostility against churches are likely not reported to authorities and/or are not featured in the news or other online sources from which we collected data.”

“Thus, the number of acts of hostility is undoubtedly much higher than the number reflected in this report. This report is intended to compile the data that is publicly reported and identify any trends,” the report states.

FRC notes that tracking physical incidents against churches is “an important data point for larger discussions about increasing intolerance toward Christianity in American society.”


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  1. Vacant craniums bring the violence and destruction. Abortions, homosexuality, transgendism, all thrived under Christianity, but not Islam. So destroy the churches, the religion, let Muslims become the majority, and the people that helped them become dominant may be hunted down by them.

    Liberals aren’t too bright.

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