60% of Americans in This Health Sector Do Not Trust Pharma

Drugmakers fined for high Medicare drug prices

Here is more bad news in the arena of public opinion for the Big Pharma industry.

In today’s America, three out of 5 people who are at high risk for cardiovascular disease do not trust drugmakers. 

Researchers, who published their results March 14 in JAMA, surveyed about 3,000 people at high risk of cardiovascular disease.

They defined this group as those between the ages of 40 and 64 who currently smoke, have high cholesterol or have a body mass index over 25. 

The survey asked participants to rate their level of trust in the pharmaceutical industry, and the researchers compared answers to demographic information.

About 60 percent said:

• they do not trust the industry, and…

•lack of trust was higher among those in poor health,

• and with people who do not have a usual source of care,

• especially residents in Western states

•individuals with an independent political affiliation. 

The findings “rais[es] concerns that vulnerable populations have experiences where trust has been broken,” the researchers wrote in conclusion. “This also raises concerns about poor medication adherence and lack of treatment-seeking behavior in vulnerable populations.”

Mistrust has increased because of Big Pharma dishonesty regarding bioweapon jabs

Meanwhile some pharmaceutical companies will be fined for 27 drug prices that rose faster than the inflation rate. 

Pfizer led the group with fines for five drugs, while the other companies had one to two products. 

Drugmakers can be taxed penalties if prices for their prescription drugs in Medicare Part B outpace the rate of inflation. 

Here are the 27 products and their drugmakers: 

1. Abelcet (Leadiant Biosciences)

2. Akynzeo (Helsinn Therapeutics)

3. Atgam (Pfizer)

4. Aveed (Endo Pharmaceuticals)

5. Bicillin C-R (Pfizer)

6. Bicillin L-A (Pfizer)

7. Carnitor (Leadiant Biosciences)

8. Cytogam (Saol Therapeutics)

9. Elzonris (Stemline Therapeutics)

10. Fetroja (Shionogi & Co.)

11. Flebogamma DIF (Grifols)

12. Folotyn (Allos Therapeutics)

13. Fragmin (Pfizer)

14. Humira (AbbVie)

15. Leukine (Partner Therapeutics)

16. Minocin (Hovione)

17. Mircera (Roche)

18. Nipent (Pfizer)

19. Padcev (Agensys and Seagen)

20. Rybrevant (Johnson & Johnson)

21. Signifor LAR (Recordati)

22. Sylvant (EUSA Pharma)

23. Tecartus (Kite Pharma)

24. Winrho SDF (Cangene)

25. Xiaflex (Endo International)

26. Xipere (Clearside Biomedical)

27. Yescarta (Kite Pharma)


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  1. I went to pharmacy Technician School (just the grunt that fills the Prescriptions under the oversight of a Pharmacist), and all but graduated, when I left to accept employment at the Heavy Industry Job I just retired from several years ago. But pharmacy remains an interest to me.

    Drug Companies are in it to make money. That means that miracle cures are not necessarily miracle cures, improved medications are not necessarily improved medications, and the government cannot be trusted to protect the interest of the consumer (patients in this case) over the profits of the Pharmacological Industry.

    Liked by 3 people

    • I have to agree with all of your comment re: the Pharmacological Industry except for the part about Pharmacy Techs only being grunts that fill Rxs under oversight of Pharmacists. My daughter graduated from Pharm Tech school and loves helping patients understand their meds ~ why they’ve been prescribed and how to take them correctly.
      Contrary to popular belief, physicians are only human(!), and do occasionally make errors. Ex: Decimal points make a HUGE difference when writing and filling a prescription. An intelligent, alert Pharm Tech that pays attention to detail can prevent someone from being over (or under)-dosed by questioning how a prescription is written. They can also spot potentially dangerous drug interactions or drug allergies that may have been overlooked when an Rx is filled.
      Thanks to modern technology (computers), Pharmacists and PTs no longer need to worry about interpreting hieroglyphics (Physician handwriting) anymore.
      I do believe those Pharmacists and Pharmacies that refused to fill Dr’s Rxs for effective meds that treat and prevent Covid-19, such as Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin, should be reprimanded (lose their licenses) and prosecuted for endangering the health and lives of so many by putting profit over people. Just my professional Nursing opinion.

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      • Excellent comment, I was trying to be humble about the position, I was not a pharmacist, but you so eloquently described the vital jobs they do.

        Doctors, I have butted heads with them a few times on Medications. On neurologist wanted me on a Calcium Channel Blocker but I was on a Beta Blocker. I told him both are not normally prescribed together. He told me nonsense. He called a Cardiologist friend of his, to prove me wrong, but got off the phone and told me I needed to discontinue the Beta Blocker before taking the Calcium Channel Blocker.

        Another Doctor wanted me on an Anti-Arrhythmic Medication. I asked him if the Seizure Medication I was on was an issue. He said no, but I insisted I would not take it unless my arrhythmia was more than benign. He insisted it was benign, eventually agreeing that I should not take the Anti-Arrhythmic Medication he suggested since the Anti-Seizure Medication is in the same Drug Family.

        There are other examples too. Be vigilant when taking medications, and I agree, Pharmacy Technicians do invaluable work.

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      • Sometimes I think that parody and humor do a good job of carrying the truth. The parody or humor sugar coats the harsh message and people are better able to receive the message.

        I think there was this Shakespeare play–I forget the title–but the jester appears to be joking around and entertaining the people in the king’s court, but he is actually speaking much truth. Some stand-up comedians do a good job of speaking the truth through their jokes.

        Remember Ricky Gervais at the 2020 Golden Globe Awards? He was absolutely brutal and brilliant and exposed the pedophiles in Hollywood.

        Ricky Gervais’ Monologue – 2020 Golden Globes

        Liked by 3 people

        • WOW! Brutal and brilliant is right! I hadn’t seen this before.
          Interesting to see the looks on some actor’s, spouse’s, and director’s faces. Did you notice Keith Urban – Country singer and spouse of Nicole Kidman? No trace of a smile – like he’d just been exposed as a pedophile. Some looked shocked, like Tom Hanks ~ Guilty?
          I really liked how Ricky G didn’t hold back. ‘I don’t care, this is my last appearance’. The bold, brave and beautiful for sure. Again, thanks for sharing.

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