GOP-Led States: Low Unemployment, Democrats: High Unemployed

States with the lowest annual average unemployment rates for 2022 had Republican governors during that year.

This fact reminds me of the story about a two story apartment building with one apartment on each floor.

A conservative family lives on the top floor, and a family of Biden supporters lives on the bottom floor.

At 2:02 pm in the afternoon a terrible tornado hits the building, totally destroying it.

Which family was not harmed?

The conservative family, because both parents were at work and the children were in school.

All ten states with the highest annual average unemployment rates had Democratic governors.

The Bureau Labor Statistics on Wednesday published the annual average unemployment rates for all fifty states.

The states with the lowest unemployment rates in 2022 were:

● South Dakota (2.1 percent unemployment rate), whose governor was Republican Kristi Noem;

● North Dakota (2.1 percent), whose governor was Republican Doug Burgum;

● Nebraska (2.3 percent), whose governor was Republican Pete Ricketts;

● Utah (2.3 percent), whose governor was Republican Spencer Cox;

● Missouri (2.5 percent), whose governor was Republican Mike Parson;

● New Hampshire (2.5 percent), whose governor was Republican Chris Sununu;

● Alabama (2.6 percent), whose governor was Republican Kay Ivey;

● Montana (2.6 percent) whose governor was Republican Greg Gianforte;

● Vermont (2.6 percent), whose governor was Republican Phil Scott.

The states with the highest unemployment rates in 2022 were:

● Nevada (5.4 percent), whose governor was Democrat Steve Sisolak;

● Illinois (4.6 percent), whose  governor was Democrat J.B. Pritzker;

● Delaware (4.5 percent) whose governor was Democrat John Carney;

● Pennsylvania (4.4. percent), whose governor was Democrat Tom Wolf;

● New York (4.3 percent), whose governor was Kathy Hochul;

● Washington (4.2 percent), whose governor was Democrat Jay Inslee;

● Oregon (4.2 percent), whose governor was Democrat Kate Brown;

● Michigan (4.2 percent), whose governor was Democrat Gretchen Whitmer;

● Connecticut (4.2 percent), whose governor was Democrat Ned Lamont;

● California (4.2 percent), whose governor was Democrat Gavin Newsom.

Unemployment during Trump, pre-Covid.



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