D.C. Soft-on-Crime Law is a Dangerous Catastrophe


The U.S. House Committee on Oversight and Accountability Chairman James Comer (R-Ky.) Thursday delivered remarks on the House floor in support of House Joint Resolution 26, which disapproves of the District of Columbia’s Revised Criminal Code Act of 2022.

As violent crime runs rampant in our nation’s capital, the D.C. Council’s law will make an unacceptable crime rate in our nation’s capital even worse. The joint resolution of disapproval, if passed by Congress and signed by Joe Biden, would prevent this soft-on-crime law from going into effect.

“Today I rise in support of Representative Clyde’s House Joint Resolution 26, a resolution disapproving of the District of Columbia’s Revised Criminal Code Act of 2022,” Comer began. “There is a crime crisis in Americans’ capital city.”

● According to the D.C. Metropolitan Police Department, carjackings in the District have increased by 76% compared to this time last year.

● Total property crime is up 24%.

● Homicides are up 17%.

●D.C. is currently on track to have the most homicides since 1995.

Comer said that “the radical D.C. Council has enacted legislation that will turn this crime crisis into a catastrophe.”

“The D.C. Council’s progressive soft-on-crime legislation eliminates almost all of the mandatory minimum sentencing requirements for violent crimes while drastically reducing the maximum penalties allowable to the courts.”

Photo by Anete Lusina on Pexels.com

“These changes embolden criminals to run rampant throughout the District of Columbia,” he continued. “The Act also grants the right to jury trial to now include most misdemeanor offenses.”

“This will overload an already crowded D.C. court system and reduce the resources devoted to hearing cases for serious felony offenses,” Comer warned. “This further erodes an individual’s right to a fair and speedy trial granted to them through our Constitution.”

“All Americans should feel safe in their capital city. But they don’t because of D.C. Democrats’ leniency toward criminals at the expense of Americans’ safety.”

“This D.C. Council legislation is a brazen rejection of law and order,” he chastised. “Ignoring the high rates of criminality in the District and doubling down on leniency for society’s violent criminals is a dereliction of duty.”

“This terrible policy will impact anyone who steps foot in the District of Columbia—including residents, the commuting workforce, federal government officials and foreign dignitaries, and Americans visiting their nation’s capital.”

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  1. 1. Even if the Senate goes along to keep this law from going into effect, I doubt that Biden will agree.
    2. You are right that D.C. has a big crime problem and getting worse. It used to be, if you stayed out of high crime areas such as southeast D.C. especially during the day, you would probably be okay. Union Station used to be a nice place with shops and restaurants. When I went last year, a lot of the shops where gone and tents filled up the area in front of Union Station. It is shame because there are a lot of good museums there.

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  2. I have to laugh sarcastically at the statement about the proposed act preventing people from having a “fair and speedy trial”. This in the city where protesters have been in prison for more than 2 years without a trial or bail. What a sad joke about the lack of justice now common in the USA thanks to liberals, democrats and RINOs.

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