How Corrupt Countries Control by ‘Persuasion and Fear’ to Comply With New World Authority

Let us put aside the obvious election corruption for a moment to focus on why and how we are being manipulated and controlled by evil powers.

One of the most unethical and nefarious headlines used to manipulate and divide Americans is illustrated by a recent headline from the liberal propagandist, LA Times.

Prominently placed for supreme coverage, were their words: “COVID-19 cases surge in L.A. County, fueled by ‘enormously selfish’ unvaccinated.”

Piers Robinson, co-director of the Organization for Propaganda Studies, is an internationally recognized expert on propaganda whose main focus is on conflict and war propaganda.

“Covid-19 is probably one of the biggest propaganda operations we’ve seen in history because of the global nature and the resources put into it,” Robinson recently said.  “It was pretty clear from the beginning that propaganda was being employed.”

In America, distorted and slandered reports pushed out by today’s corporate media have a single purpose: use fear to force compliance in order to create a New World Order.

Dr. Anthony Fauci and others have literally terrorized much of the American public for two years, wearing them down with a steady diet of terrorizing propaganda.

Often the media campaigns for additional restrictions in place by the government, are permeating into industries and business due to social engineering incentives.

Prime examples include barring the unvaccinated from airline flights, restaurants, stores and basically every public venue, even outdoor sporting events and concerts.

“This should ring alarm bells for anyone who has even the most basic grasp of history. You start to talk about segregation, you start to talk about people who are unclean, unhealthy, unvaccinated versus vaccinated,” Robinson warns.

Blaming the unvaccinated for continued flare ups of the pandemic remains in play even today.

The same operating procedures and propaganda have been used across the globe. Some countries have rejected the restrictions and terrorizing protocols because:

🔹they are dangerous.

🔹none of these policies are based on scientific data.

“All of the level-headed epidemiologists that I listen to are very clear that this idea that the unvaccinated spread the virus is not accurate scientifically, but that is the kind of message which is being communicated by people who have been pushing the agenda from the beginning,” Robinson said. “And that will create divisions, and we’ve been in this kind of place in history and it ends very badly when we start segregating people and we start using that language.”

“But, quite terrifyingly,” he warned. “This is the language which is being used by the people who have been pushing draconian restrictions, vaccines, for the last two years.”


Robinson documents how governments who have succumbed to New World Order control have used the media to manipulate public opinion by escalating the level of fear surrounding the Covid pandemic.


🔹U.K. government documents used groups skilled in applied psychology to craft a plan of propaganda to drive a fear-based narrative with the goal of causing behavioral change.

They used Independent Scientific Influenza Group on Behaviors (SPI-B) strategy to “persuade through fear,” Robinson said.

The persuasion section of the document states: “A substantial number of people still do not feel sufficiently personally threatened.”

The document lists 10 options that can be used to increase social distancing in the public.

Option 2 advises: “Use media to increase sense of personal threat.”

SPI-B recommendations were to increase the sense of personal threat and “use hard hitting emotional messaging.” This included taglines such as:

  • “Anyone can get it. Anyone can spread it.”
  • “Don’t put your friends and family in danger.”
  • “Stay home for your family. Don’t put their lives in danger.”
  • “If you go out, you can spread it. People will die.”

Use of hysterical media headlines was another big part of the strategy.

By March 2020, social media and far-left liberal Big Tech (coinciding with false news regarding that year’s corrupt election) rapidly escalated the censoring of all competing narratives that countered the fear-based approach.

Phase 2 proceeded with shame and approval tactics.

SPI-B psychologists knew that fear on its own would not persuade everyone. Messaging needed to be tailored to take into account different “motivational levers.”

By December 2022, the public was catching on that even some Media began catching on.

Their document suggested using what was being applied in the United States, Germany and other countries. Ratchet up both social approval and disapproval, with government compulsion as a backup, as follows:

🔹Use and promote social approval for desired behaviors.

🔹Enacting legislation to compel required behaviors.

🔹Use social disapproval for failure to comply.

Germany used similar propaganda strategies that were documented within what was termed the “Panic Paper,” a leaked document from the German Department of Interior that shows the population was deliberately driven to panic by politicians and mainstream media.

One of the most alarming parts of the Panic Paper was their direction for children to be made to feel responsible “for the painful tortured death of their parents and grandparents if they do not follow the corona rules.” 

Scare and control children who must constantly wash their hands, put on masks and avoid contact with their grandparents.

Cue Hollywood:

Many Americans have finally grasped the dangers of Event 2019, with Bill Gates, Fauci and charts meeting two months before Covid-19 was supposedly discovered by media narratives.The Event 201 discussion included direction, propaganda techniques and scenarios similar to what was being planned in other countries.

Scientific data proved children are not efficient spreaders of the virus but that couldn’t be allowed to disrupt the fear-based narrative.

It was critical that children be forced to be masked, socially distanced, their schools shut down, and their social lives destroyed. New Mexico, with their insanely controlling state government, led the U.S. in the highest number of teen suicides in a year the entire country had a record number of teen suicides.

“What has becoming increasingly clear is this is not being driven by a health crisis,” Robinson said. “We are seeing profound changes in our society.”

Take note, because media will not report that these planned changes include everything from the introduction of digital currencies, social credit scores like China, vaccine passports with scannable QR codes, to the regulation of worship services and small businesses.

How many small businesses have been destroyed during the part time White House Resident Joe Biden’s term?

The World Economic Forum continues to use the Covid pandemic to change the economic, political and social structure of the free world.

Omnibus type funds, approved by Democrats, RINOS and Biden continue to fund control from elites at the WEF, United Nations, the British Royal family, the Vatican, World Bank and International Monetary Fund.

Popular meme

Robinson explains it clearly that what we “have here are political actors exploiting the circumstances for political, economic and social objectives.”

“It’s certainly very clear for example, organizations such as the World Economic Forum had a very specific vision from the very beginning on how to respond to Covid and had a very specific vision for the future, talking about the Fourth Industrial Revolution, smart cities and so on, and it would appear that actors such as that are using and exploiting Covid for substantial political, economic and social restructuring.”

Robinson continues to also be an associate researcher with the Working Group on Propaganda and the 9/11 ‘War on Terror’ and has served as an advisor to NATO leaders.

From 2016 to 2019, Professor Robinson chaired the department of politics, society and political journalism at the University of Sheffield.


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  1. This is a result of cowardly people. It amazes me how cowardly America has become. I am thankful and blessed I am not a coward. Nor do I believe silence is the best way to win a war. When I fight alone I normally win unless I am entangled with cowards. Look at America the country of cowards. We should never wonder why we are not free. We know why.

    Liked by 4 people

    • I was in a Union (in Pennsylvania) for about 28 years. 3 in one facility, 25 in another. In the 2nd case, I don’t think I ever voted for a contract, though most others did. One year, the intimidation from the company being a little stronger than usual, and the concessions being a little bigger than needed to be based on that intimidation, I railed against the contract. Leaving work one day, speaking with another employee on my opinion on the contract, he said it’ll never be voted against, and went on to show me the brand new SUVs all over the employee parking lots. He postulated that most would not vote against the contract because they couldn’t afford to strike, they needed to make their vehicle payments.

      A family in England has a YouTube show, they have 3 sons and a daughter. Each child has an Apple Computer Desktop, Apple Tablet, and the daughter 13 and oldest son 12 (at 12 they do this) gets an Apple Smart Phone. This Christmas they each received a large TV, despite 3 of them being in the same bedroom where the TVs are intended for. The room with the Table Top Computers are (oh, the Father has a Computer Station too, and I’m sure an Apple Phone and Tablet, and the Mother has an Apple Phone and Tablet) also has a Big Screen TV, basically the room is a Computer Room/Play Room. These people were doing covid tests constantly, any sniffles, tested, any exposure to anyone with sniffles, tested. Over and over tests were done.

      I wrote, over and over and over, on why I didn’t think Simple Masks were protecting the wearer from Airborne Pathogens. My insanely long Disqus comment was listed as Advertising on Breitbart, I wrote to them, they changed my status as a poster on their Site to reduce the likelihood that my posts would be flagged as Advertisements. I was grateful to them for their action. I thought someone (in a variety of Media Comments and Direct Email to a few) would try and build on that fact (about Simple Masks), but no one did. I saw a chink in the armor of the narrative, and no one was willing to get a real authority to exploit what I was saying.

      It was revealed that vaccinated carried higher viral loads than non-vaccinated, the vaccine, from how I understand it, is not in any sense a vaccine, but a genetic therapy to reduce the severity of the symptoms. Vaccinated people should never have needed to fear non-vaccinated, and vaccinated people were also spreading the virus, but most in the media were afraid to make that; from my understanding; truthful claim.

      Bizarre times we are living in.


      • You have only begun to understand just how evil this country is. I have lived a nightmare that never will end. A nightmare you all now must live. No matter what the situation if each person chose to do the right thing with humanity coming first we would all survive in the end. But as it is we have people who decide what is best for a person or people without ever realizing the consequences of those actions. After a lifetime. I am 61. Dehumanized a million times over. I realize we lost humanity due to noone ever realizing it.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Well Written, issues with the Browser working well with WordPress keeps me from responding to comments quickly, I wish I had seen yours earlier. Your words speak my feelings, things I am seeing and reading, very well written and expressed.

          Liked by 1 person

      • Good people let bad things happen every day. Those who stand up get suffered, sometimes a lifetime if they survive. It is to late for most to catch up with the reality here and ahead to understand how preciouis each day is for each of us. No matter you stand up or you remain sitting down. Always treat people with care. That is what the world needs first is care. Then this country needs to learn the meaning of honor for without it you have nothing as a person or a country. You have just anger and contemt.

        Liked by 3 people

  2. It wasn’t a majority of Americans who engaged in the Revolutionary War, either. Many did not want to buck the English government; they wanted to “be safe,” a phrase I loathe. The early Christians sure were not a majority, either. We must go forward in the power of the Holy Spirit and not lose heart, no matter what we lose in the process. They must be desperate in California, to put out a headline like that. They must know people are catching on. Exposed!

    Liked by 4 people

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