Critical Facts From Senate Hearing That Every Vaccinated Citizen Must Know Now

Doctors and scientists from major universities and medical centers on November 7, 2022 told the U.S. Senate, during a hearing hosted by Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.), what they described as a story of corruption and mismanagement of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here are Key Lessons Learned That Every American Needs to Know Right Now

1. According to VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) data, vaccine injuries increased 20-fold in 2021 and vaccine-related deaths increased 50-fold.

2. The risk of myocarditis, Guillain-Barré syndrome, and autoimmune disorders was recognized and reported early in the Pfizer trials.
The CDC made a deliberate decision not to create a paper trail for this critical information.


3. The death rate for healthy, employed people ages 18 to 64 jumped 40% in the third quarter of 2021, coincident with federal vaccine mandates for large employers who buy Group Life insurance policies.

4. Data from Britain’s Office of National Statistics reveal that to date, vaccinated people in the U.K. are dying at a rate 26% higher than the unvaccinated. The increase was concentrated in young people, who have suffered a 49% increased risk of mortality to date.

5. There were alarming increases in disabling conditions for the U.S. Army, reported right after vaccination was mandated, and these signals were dismissed as a “computer glitch.”

The glitch was fixed, but disabling illnesses and injuries continue in the Army, where they are now occurring at almost twice the pre-vaccination rate of 2020.

6. The number of military deaths from the COVID-19 vaccines is about 50% higher than the deaths from COVID-19 itself.

7. Coronaviruses as a class mutate rapidly, and that’s why we have never had a vaccine for any coronavirus in the past.

8. A largely vaccinated public drives the virus to mutate even faster. The current COVID-19 vaccines immunize against a variant of COVID-19 that was extinct more than a year ago.

9. The risk of serious COVID-19 is lower than the risk of injury from the COVID-19 vaccines.

10. Vaccine mandates can only be justified for vaccines that lower the risk of transmitting the virus, and the current vaccines do not prevent transmission, even in the old and vulnerable groups where they protect against serious COVID-19.

11. Thirty percent of the world’s people live in countries where hydroxychloroquine or ivermectin is taken daily as preventatives, and these countries have had much lower rates of COVID-19 mortality than the “developed world”, where these medicines were discouraged. Why were early treatments for COVID-19 disparaged by the U.S. authorities?

12. Hundreds of thousands of American deaths would have been avoided if hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin had been adopted as early treatments beginning in 2020.

13. Remdesivir can only be administered in a hospital, and antivirals are useless by the time a patient gets to the hospital, because he is well past the stage where the virus has been vanquished, and the patient is threatened by its aftereffects, including lung damage, low blood oxygenation and sepsis.

14. Remdesivir is highly toxic to the kidneys. According to the World Health Organization, Remdesivir increases the risk of kidney failure 20-fold. Federal reimbursement to hospitals is boosted by 20% (for the entire bill) if Remdesivir is included in the treatment plan.

15. High-impact medical journals have been under the control of the pharmaceutical industry.

16. There have been repeated cases of manipulation of the data to show that a pharmaceutical company’s product is effective and, conversely, they manipulated trials to try to prove to everyone that safe, effective repurposed drugs that offered no profit were ineffective or dangerous.

17. There is an immense amount of corruption in medical publishing and in the conduct of science.

18. Normally, the second year of a pandemic is milder, both because the virus evolves to be less deadly and because the most vulnerable people were killed in the first year. But since the vaccine rollout, we have had 750,000 additional COVID-19 deaths in America. This is not the record of a successful vaccine.

19. COVID-19 vaccines lose their efficacy and dip into negative efficacy after a few months, such that people who have been vaccinated are more likely to get COVID-19 multiple times. Vaccinated individuals only have immunity to the part of the virus that is mutating most rapidly.

20. As long as we keep boosting people every few months, the virus will continue to mutate and the pandemic will continue for many more years. “Had we not mass vaccinated, it is probable that we would have achieved herd immunity in the United States in the winter of 2021.”

21. The vaccines’ effects on fertility is not good and evidence shows that the mRNA can incorporate into the genome and be passed through sperm or egg to the next generation.

22. The FDA has strict standards for safety testing of “vaccines” and much stricter standards for “gene therapies,” including 5 to 15 years of follow-up for cancer and DNA damage.

The FDA did not even apply the looser “vaccine” standards when evaluating the COVID-19 vaccines, even though these mRNA products meet the definition of “gene therapies.”

They changed the definition of “vaccine” that made possible the approval of the mRNA products, which have a very different mechanism from traditional vaccines. They should have been tested with standards appropriate for gene therapies.

23. The immunity provided by the COVID-19 vaccines does not extend to the nose or throat, so that vaccinated people are exhaling a viral load that is no different from unvaccinated.

This is why the current crop of vaccines cannot stop transmission, and why any argument for mandating vaccination as a public health measure is flawed. “These vaccines have no support for reducing transmission of the infection.”

24. Data from the Pfizer trial showed a higher death rate among the vaccinated compared to the control group.


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  1. The Supreme Court can save us from further damage if they do the right thing these next days. If not, this is our tomorrow and worse for they will begin to tell you how to live and then die. They do now right! No matter people wake up now or later no more can words fix this problem. It will take warriors. History making warriors to stand up for what is right and just. If not, we have no history or future…Merry Christmas

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    • Although the CDC changed the definition of a vaccine, these Covid shots are NOT vaccines as they do not provide immunity to anything, and they don’t prevent transmission to others. What they ARE is bioweapons/gene therapy meant to destroy one’s own innate Immune System and turn those who’ve been ‘vaxxed’ into spike protein manufacturing machines.
      The ongoing lies told by 3 letter government entities – CDC, FDA, WHO, FBI, CIA, NIH – as well as Big Pharma, mainstream media, Fauci, Biden and company and others, are being exposed by Frontline Doctors like Peter McCullough, Bryan Ardis, Henry Ealy, Ben Marble and more. They share treatment protocols for the vaccine-injured that reverse the effects of the deadly jabs. The very first step all of these physicians, researchers & scientists recommend is to STOP taking these experimental shots meant to severely harm &/or kill you. Fauci and friends have been causing a great deal of confusion through their lies – wear a mask/don’t wear a mask; these ‘vaccines’ are safe and effective. Reality is every time someone takes one of their jabs, they risk being severely hurt or dying. Stop allowing them to use you as a guinea pig for these deadly gene therapy shots.

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