Ted Nugent vs. FBI, Bidens, Communists and Leftist Democrats

Some say Ted Nugent is the most patriotic American entertainer around today. Of course, communists, indoctrinated sheep and New World Order enthusiasts disagree.

Practically everyone can agree Nugent does not like Joe Biden as evidenced by this letter. #TedNugent

You judge for yourself. Is Nugent a patriot?

“Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, they represent the devil,” singer Ted Nugent said in 2020 after the stolen election. “There is no Democrat party. It’s now the Marxist devil party. Devil Joe and devil Kamala are not going to take our guns. Period.”

In September 2022, after White House resident Joe Biden gave his now infamous quirky diabolical speech in Pennsylvania, rocker Nugent went to social media with this message:

I paid attention to history, in spite of the fact that I went to an American anti-education system. Because when I graduated in 1967, I knew nothing. I knew how to be polite, how to be productive, how to get up early and put my heart and soul into being the best that I can be. But I didn’t know anything about history.”

He went on to add, “But I know now. And I’m gonna [share with you] an image of Hitler, Joe Biden, the evil tyrant of China, Karl Marx — evil, evil forces in history that also used a red glowing background in their hate speeches.”

There is an evil force controlling this mindless, soulless zombie named Joe Biden that is so confident that Americans can be so stupid and uneducated and clueless about history that they won’t see the confluence of imagery, gestures.” He concluded, “I mean, the clenched fist like Adolf Hitler, like Mao Tse-tung, like Lenin and Marx. Joe Biden is evil unto himself, but he is so mindless, so soulless, so filled with hate and rage that he doesn’t even know he’s doing the bidding of Satanic, evil forces.”

In July 2022, Nugent said:

Every word out of this freako president’s mouth and his freako treasonous vice president and pretty much every Democrat, most of the media — almost all the media, except for Fox NewsOne America News and most of Newsmax… Take whatever the leftists, whatever the liberals and the Democrats say, I mean, the evidence is irrefutable. This is not a Ted Nugent opinion. Every word out of their mouth is the exact opposite of the truth.”


Joe Biden, with your gangbanger, felony, drug repository punkass son Hunter Biden. Ah, how embarrassing.

“You know, Hunter Biden committed firearms felony by lying on a federal form,” Nugent added. “And then — word has it, allegedly — that the Secret Service and the FBI covered for him. You try that. Let us try that.”


The prior month, Nugent proclaimed, “if you are on the side of Joe Biden, you’re just plain a rotten human being. You support a man with a liberal agenda that renegotiated all the contracts with the globe that Trump finally negotiated on behalf of our country. That’s not my hunch; that’s not a guess; that’s not an opinion. Trump renegotiated global contracts for the first time in my lifetime to actually benefit America, and Joe Biden reversed them to hurt America. So if you’re a liberal and a Democrat, you’re the enemy of freedom. And if you don’t believe in those ugly, ugly policies, then you have to quit.”


 “If you don’t agree with forcing Americans to get vaccination passports, but people are flooding in through the borders without any vetting whatsoever, then you have no soul, and you can’t be on that team. If you disagree with these toxic, dangerous, tyrannical policies, you’ve gotta quit that gang. That gang is the Democrats. Their agenda is extreme liberal Marxism. And if you’re part of that team, you’re as rotten as that man who’s searching for a syllable in the White House.”



In God We Trust

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