Woke Disney Leadership is Struggling With Profuse Financial Bleeding

“We are just Disney fans who want our real Disney back and not this creepy nonsense against American family values.”

“It seems like the same people who control Joe Biden control Disney. It’s that bad.

The Walt Disney Company lost about $24 billion in market cap on Friday, November 17, 2022.

Today it was announced that Bob Chapek is OUT as Disney CEO and was replaced By PREVIOUS CEO Bob Iger.

🔹This is the struggling business empire’s worst stock price loss since 2001–the year of the September 11th attacks.

🔹Since the beginning of the year, Disney stock has dropped 44 percent –so far in 2022.

🔹They have lost over $4 billion just from its streaming service during Fiscal Year 2022

🔹Disney continues to struggle with ongoing problems with its theme parks and films, as well as their Disney+ streaming service that has exclusive rights to Disney movies and TV shows.

🔹Disney’s corporate officers keep blaming these losses on just about everyone but themselves. Most recently they have attempted to reassure their anxious investors that an upcoming price increase, amidst the Biden recession and an inflationary crisis, is negatively affecting entertainment budgets.

🔹Leadership plans an ‘ad-tier’ that offers limited content with advertising to help stop the profuse financial bleeding.

🔹Signs of their self-imposed wokeness dilemma is not a new phenomenon. By April 2022 stock was down 71%, and park attendance decreased 54%.

🔹Disney Plus continues suffering massive numbers (520,000+) of cancelled subscriptions.

A self proclaimed Disney Enthusiast described their family’s five-day summer 2022 vacation to Disney World.

“Our children walked away with the same feelings we (the parents) did,” said William D. from Texas. “Whoever is running Disney is ruining it. They are working far harder to social engineer than to entertain.”

“We spent almost $7,000 in their hotel, parks and restaurants,” he continued. “It was insane. They are doing everything they can to take away the nostalgia and emotions we cherish. Their changes are not good. This was our last trip. It seems like the same people who control Joe Biden control Disney. It’s that bad.”

“Service is down. Facilities are going downhill. Many rides are breaking down. Prices are sky high. Hotel rooms are as grim as some of the parks,” his wife, Judith said. “We’ve been coming annually for years and have never seen it anywhere near this bad. Their solution is to cut costs and hire more leftists with marginal credibility. It starts at the top. It feels dirty and slimey, both in the facilities and in their entertainment changes.”

What was Disney CEO Bob Chapek thinking by throwing the entertainment organization into progressive politics?

Chapek took on popular Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) and the state’s Parental Rights in Education bill which prohibits educators from teaching about gender identity and sexual orientation from pre-K through third grade.

Pregnant Goofy


Chapek, leftist organizations, and mainstream corporate media erroneously tagged the bill with their buzz: “Don’t Say Gay.” The text of the legislation did not include the word “gay” and in no way outlawed its use.

“Their creativity is too focused on changing our thoughts,” William noted. “We heard there was big time controversy from the Star Wars and Marvel fanbases because of their terrible creative decisions.”

“Although some of the Board of Directors members fortunately left, their replacements are not better,” he revealed. “But hey, they’re not asking us. We are just Disney fans who want our real Disney back and not this creepy nonsense against American family values.”

Here are what Disney fans are posting on various social media sites:



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  1. Disney is definitely making a bad name for itself. Customers are shouting from the rooftops that they don’t want this woke nonsense. It makes good business sense to listen to the majority of your customers but those morons don’t! RIP Disney!

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