The Hypocrisy in COVID Narratives Simply Explained

It is revealing to see the more recent updated definitions, terms and explanations propagandists repeatedly used for media talking points for Covid 19.

Vaccine Hesitancy– Used to describe those who do not want the vaccine to push a narrative they are just not decided yet. Though people have had plenty of time to get the vaccine if they want, as long as you are not vaccinated you will always be just vaccine hesitant. This helps vaccine image.

Deadly, highly contagious pandemic or epidemic. Used to these terms were reserved for the most hideous and efficient killing viruses, like Ebola, with a 50% death rate, but these so rarely happen, and the uses for viruses like controlling people, stealing elections, and making money for Big Pharma are under utilized, so tyranny and profiteering can start earlier, deadly pandemics and epidemics will now have a death rate threshold of 0.3%.

Breakthrough infections– this used to be called vaccine failure, but it seems telling people that what they are risking their lives to take does not work is not good for sales.

Variants– these are mutations of the virus that happen in people who have been vaccinated, but are blamed on the unvaccinated. It is easier to get people to mob up and attack another group, say the unvaccinated, if they do not know it is actually themselves creating and spreading the variant.

Adverse events– term to blunt the seriousness of the side effects, injuries or death from vaccines. You can’t get people to take vaccines if you mention death or people being paralyzed.

Herd immunity is simply a word with a new meaning. Despite thousands of years of developing it on our own, and our bodies better equipped, we now know herd immunity is only possible through Big Pharma vaccines, not to mention the billions of dollars they make gives Big Pharma immunity from going bankrupt…and it pays for kickbacks, lobbying, gifts and enticement for politicians, media, physicians and Deep State operations.

Deadly mutations– refers to all covid 19 variants, and though most mutations are in fact less lethal, every mutation from covid 19 is unfathomably more deadly than the previous one.

Contagious or spreading– this is a tricky one with lots of variables–too many to list–but a few are as follows.

🔹While on the basketball court or any sports field, contact, bumping, sweating, and rubbing on each other, a person is not contagious, but once on the bench you become a threat to humans.

🔹Rioting and destroying cities, being illegal immigrants, or holding big birthday bashes for the elite do not make people contagious, but gather peacefully at a church or a Trump rally or protest leftist tyranny, and you are going to bring humans to extinction.

Being an elite Democrat politician, Hollywood or entertainer, CEO, work in mainstream media, and you have a built in immunity. No need for any precautions.

In God We Trust

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