The Paul and Nancy Pelosi File: Revealing Corruption to the Core

Recent mainstream corporate media and White House accounts of Paul Pelosi being injured by a “MAGA conservative” are proving to be another leftist narrative propaganda attempt.

Information and accounts from law enforcement, independent journalists and others, reveal a story that corresponds with the Pelosi family history.

Why was David Depape reported as a conservative and an intruder when the evidence differs?

Here are various accounts and social media observation in reverse chronological order that tells a completely opposite history of the Pelosi family that is repeatedly presented by Big Media.

The first obvious question is how could a single MAGA operative intruder break his way into the home of the third person in line for the presidency if Constitutionally necessary?

DePape’s home and reputation are known for his gay sex activities. Gay flag proudly displayed.
Nancy flanked by father and son George and Alexander Soros

New information counters leftist narrative:

🔹Police dispatch recording Paul Pelosi said the man was a “friend.”

🔹A window pane was busted out from the inside. This defeats original MSM reports that an intruder busted in through from the outside.

🔹When police arrived, “someone” opened the door to allow them in and they saw “two men in underwear” arguing with Pelosi holding a hammer.

🔹The other man, in just his underwear, took Pelosi’s hammer and hit him in the head with it.


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  1. My 94-year-old mother, who doesn’t have cable, watches mainstream TV news, but who is still probably one of the sharpest knives in the drawer, said, “Do you really believe this story about Pelosi’s husband? How in the world does an intruder get into that secure house?”
    It is so typical that the mainstream media is circling the wagons around him… they continue to do it. Imagine if he were the husband of a Republican? No need to imagine…. he’d be scourged and hung out to dry….

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