After What is Now Known, Why Would Any Parent Vaccinate Their Child For COVID?


Look what Illinois Representative Sean Fasten tweeted to his constituents and the world in 2021:

That was in May. Here are the results in June:

🔹A CleverJourneys reader sent us this:

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  1. The Covid craze is all wrapped up in the globalist elites plan to globalize the world. Also it is working in the plan to “depopulate” the world. Covid was not random, it was planned using the Chinese lab.

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    • Absolutely! They will keep pushing their agenda until they’re stopped. The less world population, the easier for them to control the remnant. This is real, folks – whether you choose to believe it or not.

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    • Amen Sistah! I was fed up before, and now that they’re full force going after our babies and children, I’m waaay past done. Keep speaking the truth!

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  2. It’s Difficult to Read these tragic stories. The Medical Community is, unbeknownst to many, already familiar with needless deaths.

    “Stunning News On Preventable Deaths In Hospitals” (Forbes Magazine Online, Multiple Years of Coverage on the Issue, these excerpts are from 2013)

    “In 1999, Americans learned that 98,000 people were dying every year from preventable errors in hospitals. That came from a widely touted analysis by the Institute of Medicine (IOM) called To Err Is Human. This was the “Silent Spring” of the health care world, grabbing headlines for revealing a serious and deadly problem that required policy and action.

    As it turns out, those were the good old days.

    According to a new study just out from the prestigious Journal of Patient Safety, four times as many people die from preventable medical errors than we thought, as many as 440,000 a year.”

    That’s 1205 Needless Deaths Per Day, from “Preventable Medical Errors”.

    Knee Surgery, I had the Nurse Shaving my Knee, I realized she wasn’t making any progress, and I looked closely, she was doing it with the Cover Over the Blade. I told her removing the cover will allow her to actually shave the hair from my knee.

    Post Thyroid Surgery, I received a litany of pills. Most I take daily and have nothing to do with the Thyroid, or lack of it. But Post Thyroidectomy, I had to take Calcium until they could see if the Parathyroids Survived. The Nurse was trying to get me to swallow a Tums, the Calcium Supplement that was being used, I had to tell her it’s Chewable. She went to ask and came back to confirm that I could chew it and swallow.

    Because of Medications I was on, my initial partial Thyroidectomy was overseen by the head of the Anesthesia Department. All went well. I think I was ventilated in some way, but after the first surgery, all was well. With the Technique in place, the Anesthesia know, Several Weeks Later I had to have the other half removed when the Tests on the first half showed cancer. This Time the Anesthesia Department Head was not needed, and someone served as the Anesthesiologist. My neck was very sore (Head Tilted Back), my throat was very sore, honestly I had more pains from those points than my missing Thyroid.

    Neurologist wanted to prescribe A Calcium Channel Blocker with a Beta Blocker. I refused. He was perplexed, and I said I read they weren’t supposed to both be taken (there are exceptions I’m sure). He phoned a friend, literally, a Cardiologist. My Neurologist got off the phone and said “We’ll take you off the Beta Blocker before starting the Calcium Channel Blocker”. This same Doctor told me I had MS, but I saw my Family Doctor, he told me that idiot was telling all his patients they had MS, he sent me to a Stanford Educated Neurologist, and though I had some weird stuff going on, it wasn’t MS.

    It’s Frightening, the too many in the Medical Community are simply not protecting the best interests of their patients in the case of these vaccines, something seems to be seriously wrong. Always be vigilant about your health care, speak up if things seem wrong, use multiple sources if needed.

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    • My father had to have some cancerous intestine removed. The room they put him in was the same room his father, my grandfather died in. My Mom made arrangements to have him moved to another hospital room.
      Not even half an hour, another man was wheeled into that room my dad was initially in. He was having his tonsils removed.
      Nurse came in and had him turn over to prepare for his procedure.She began wiping his rear end & was going to shave his butt.
      “What the hell are you shaving my ass for?” he yelled at the nurse. “Are you going to take my tonsils out from the bottom?

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      • Young (Teen), I had a torn Meniscus removed from my knee, today, largely, I think they would repair it. Since then I have had 3 Arthroscopic Knee Surgeries. One of them, the doctor came in before I was sedated. He asked which knee I was having done, confirming it in other words. Once that was determined, he went to the knee to be worked on, and held it, asking again if that is the knee I was having done. I replied that it was, and he actually marked the leg in the area of the knee. I have no issue with that, better that than having my Tonsils inadvertently removed via my posterior. LOL.

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