Exactly Why Does Joe Biden Spend So Much Time Away From the White House?

Spending much time away from Washington D.C. was common for Joe Biden long before he became the official resident.

As vice president under Obama, it was welcomed for Biden to take frequent trips to beach homes in Delaware, Maryland and other destinations. As long as he received “ten percent” he was satisfied and reliably out of Barack Obama’s hair. It was a running joke to encourage and send Biden away during important and confidential meetings.

Last week he and Jill Biden deviated from his schedule and flew on a quick trip on Air Force One to Delaware and back in one evening. Media reported it as he went there simply to cast a ballot in Delaware’s primary that had one contested statewide office. They were on the ground in Delaware for about one hour and 15 minutes.

So how does this work? Biden must travel out of state to vote but Congress members do not?

Just a week later, last Friday, Nancy Pelosi sent a letter to all members of Congress informing them that because of “COVID” they will be allowed to vote by proxy. In other words, they do not have to show up at the Capitol for Congressional business as required but can vote from various states.

One barely mentioned clue as to why Biden spends so much time away from the White House is due to his questionable history. His own son, Hunter has been known to refer to his father via email as “Pedo-Peter.”

“Biden’s a well-known pedophile,” Whistleblower Ryan D. White said in his testimony to Lin Wood’s staff in February 2021. “It’s disgusting. Mr. and Mrs., we’ve seen him and family members, him and other children.”

“Most people have seen now the image of him sniffing children on — in an official capacity. It’s an awards ceremony or promotion ceremony. And many times he can’t wait, is the problem. It’s not like he’s just over there doing that. Those children have been promised to him for his role in the securities positions for their family members, for their parents.”

“So, he can’t control himself because he’s anticipating his payoff. So, that’s why you see these sniffing videos, things like that. Some of them are just him being a disgusting pervert.”

“The other ones, these are payments that he’s going to get soon, that night, because he had come through on his. Obama would make all kinds of deals, promote people to this or that, but he (Biden) always had to get — his percentage is 10 percent. He had to get something to keep him quiet.”

“There’s just unbelievable amounts of child porn online, and the DOJ has terabytes of it, but anything confiscated, anything used, was formatted for him for easy use by Shaun Bridges, and it would just — it would play.”

Most remember the Bill Clinton appointed Judge Emmet Sullivan as ramrodding the Michael Flynn trial when in 2018 he asked if Flynn’s conduct rose to the level of “treasonous activity.” He later had to publically apologize.

It was Sullivan who read the words of RINO Senate leader Mitch McConnell on the first anniversary of the January 6, 2021 protest: “The United States Capitol, the seat of the first branch of our federal government, was stormed by criminals who brutalized police officers and used force to try to stop Congress from doing its job.”

Sullivan has been known to publicly chastise and berate citizens who were jailed for participating in the Jan. 6 demonstration while he follows the narrative of “insurrection.”

Whistleblower White also characterized Sullivan as a pedophile:

“Sullivan, the judge — when the granddaughter was younger, she was on Skype in her bedroom –· this is one of the videos I’ve seen — she was on Skype in her bedroom — and this was when Skype was fairly new — and she heard him coming and jumped in the bed. He didn’t know it was on. Like I said, it wasn’t common at the time. She was talking to one of her friends. So, he comes in and abuses her. He gets in her bed and she’s performing oral sex on him, and he’s, you know, mildly abusive, I guess. He says “Do like I told you, not like this.”· Ugh. So, but, what he wasn’t aware of is that other people were seeing this, because it scared the children on the other end of the Skype, so someone got their parents. There was nothing they could do. They didn’t discuss it. Some of them will discuss it — they actually witnessed it as it was happening — because they don’t like it. So, if somebody were to offer them something decent, they would come forward with what they saw.”

Since his inauguration in January 2021, Biden’s weekend jaunts and vacations have spanned 237 days as of this writing. Twenty-five trips for 79 days were spent at his home in Wilmington and seven trips for 24 days in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, out of 591 days in office.

Curiously, most of Biden’s days are out of view of the rotating White House press pool. Media are intentionally kept far away from this president when he’s not in DC. It is common for entire days to go without even a glimpse of Biden.

Not so much by the controlled mainstream media, but in alternative press and social sites, Biden is beginning to take on more heat for spending over 42% of his days in office “on vacation.” His time away from the White House is expanding and becoming more frequent. During his first year in office, he spent 28% of his time at his Delaware home. He spent two-thirds of August 2022 out of DC. By far, this exceeded both Barack Obama and Donald Trump.

So much of his time is out of the Oval Office that even a studio set, a smoke and mirrors type environment, has been built specially to facilitate carefully scripted and produced broadcasts from Biden.

It is very rare for any substantial or truthful accounts of his work encounters away from the White House to be known or reported on. In October 2021, Biden hosted Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and centrist Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) at his Wilmington, Delaware home, but was unsuccessful in his attempt to revive his $2 trillion Build Back Better spending package. Ultimately passed in smaller form much later, Behind-the-scenes Biden didn’t actually do much of the negotiation, but the media was used to portray that he was instrumental.

Fake office.


Compared to President Donald J. Trump, who published detailed accounts of his daily schedule and White House visitor logs, Biden’s original press secretary right off the bat indicated Biden would not be voluntarily posting visitor logs, especially from Delaware.

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  1. Sicko….disgusting that he’s “running” our country. Makes me sad. I keep saying we have to vote to change things, but we can already see they are doing all they can to “fix” the outcome.

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  2. Yikes! and wow to accentuate that. Almost 50 years in Washington and accomplished nothing. Now, we get what he really wanted to do all those years. The ultimate sleaze bag family squats on Penn Ave and can’t be removed. Good reporting.

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  3. Barack Obama is responsible for all of this. He knew what an incompetent sleazebag Biden was, and he endorsed him for president anyways. Talk about hatred for America! If Obama cared about America, he would have stopped it.

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