Do You Remember That Time, America?

šŸ”¹Remember that time Florida was hotter than California, but Florida still had electricity?

šŸ”¹Remember that time 13th Circuit Court Judge Kevin Elsenheimer released the audit report of Dominion Voting Systems in Michigan revealing that the machines and their software were ā€œdesignedā€ to ā€œcreate systemic fraudā€? And mainstream media continues on with their “no evidence” fantasy?

And this week it was revealed:

šŸ”¹Remember when the FBI ignored eyewitness testimony regarding President Joe Bidenā€™s involvement in his sonā€™s dealings with a Chinese conglomerate about a month before the 2020 election?

šŸ”¹Remember that time during President Trump’s 2020 State of the Union speech it was announced there was all-time low unemployment levels of the black community, the Hispanic community, the young adult community, and more, but the Democrats wearing Klu Klux Klan white clothing remained in their seats while everyone else applauded?

šŸ”¹Remember when those same Democrats remained seated during Trumpā€™s announcement of the 1 trillion trees project to help the environment, while they’re the party always boasting about taking care of the environment?

šŸ”¹Remember that time Jussie Smollett tried to start a race war and still has not served jail time?

šŸ”¹Remember that time a staffer of the Supreme Court leaked the Roe decision to try and cause uprising storms and has not been identified?

šŸ”¹Remember in December 1998 when the accused rapist President Bill Clinton was finally impeached on charges of perjury and obstruction of justice during the Monica Lewinsky days and the Democrats applauded him in worship-like harmony at the Capitol?

šŸ”¹Remember that time Alec Baldwin killed a woman and injured another man with Gun Play and still has not been prosecuted?

šŸ”¹Remember that time four unarmed protestors were killed at the Capital on January 6, 2021 and they blamed the victims?

šŸ”¹Remember that time Democrats said they have faith in Robert Mueller’s Russia-Russia-Russia investigation and then discovered all along President Trump had ties to America instead?

šŸ”¹Remember that time the FBI raided Barron Trump’s room and ignored Hunter Biden?

šŸ”¹Remember that time Antifa and BLM burned 411 cities and killed and injured over 220 and the FBI and Democrats took a knee?

šŸ”¹Remember that time Biden’s friend, Eliot Cutler, a lifelong Democrat megadonor and politician, was arrested at his home in Brookline, Maine, on four charges of possessing child pornography involving kids under 12 years old?

šŸ”¹Remember that time Ashley Biden, daughter of Joe, wrote in her diary that she showered with her dad when she was a child and believes she was molested by someone but doesnā€™t know who?

šŸ”¹Remember that time a grandma taking a selfie after being invited into the Capital building was sent to prison?

šŸ”¹Remember that time Hunter Bidenā€™s ā€œlaptop from hellā€ contained photos of Hunter cuddling with his 14-year-old niece?

šŸ”¹Remember when John Fetterman, Democrat’s candidate for Senator of Pennsylvania said, “people of color are less likely to have their ID at any one given time”?

In God We Trust

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  1. I still know people who are diehard Biden supporters, even after the gas hikes and inflation. The cognitive dissonance in these people never cease to amaze me. They’ve seen the evidence against the democrats, yet they still support them. I guess they don’t believe their own eyes. šŸ˜”

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