Heartfelt Message to Searchers of Shana DiMambro is Important to Families of Missing Persons, Runaways and the Abused

At 7:50 p.m. July 29, 2022 local time, two searchers looking for evidence, found a body at the bottom of a dry retainage pond approximately 300 yards from the home of Shana DiMambro, who had been missing since July 19.

Law enforcement and examiners positively identified the remains of Shana.

The community, family and friends are holding a Celebration of Life event for Shana on August 17.

Vickey DiMambro, who has over 12 years of professional experience (Board of Directors of a Reno, Nevada area shelter and safe house for those abused) offers this touching and informative perspective on Shana’s death, as well as victims of abuse in general.

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The last time Vickey’s husband, Brian heard his daughter’s voice was in mid-June, over a month before he was notified Shana was missing.

His son-in-law Christopher Antos called him from Texas to chat about various things, but before they finished their conversation Brian heard Shana call out, “Hi, Dad! I’m busy cooking dinner,” in the background. They were the final words of a daughter to her father.

Chris Antos


By July 19, 2022, the Comal County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO) began searching for 45-year-old Shana after she vanished from her RV home at Texas 46 RV Park in Spring Branch, east of Bulverde and north of San Antonio, Texas that Tuesday morning.


Jennifer Smith, Comal County Sheriff’s Office public information officer, said deputies were dispatched to the RV park in the 100 block of Mitchell Drive after DiMambro’s husband, Chris, reported her missing. Antos told deputies his wife was wearing a white v-neck teeshirt, light pink shorts and black flip flops when he left home for work at 7:10 am that morning.

Brian flew from Nevada to help with the search and talk with deputies. Detective Anthony Moreno was assigned to his daughter’s case. D.J. Seeger was instrumental in organizing searches for Shana.

Recent news reports indicate preliminary results show no obvious foul play in Shana’s death:

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