Have You Accepted TV as Your Liberal Indoctrination ‘Safe Space?’

Take a close look at the graphic below. It represents exactly what “bots” (on social media) and “controlled pundits” (mainstream media) are.

Repeat the same mantra–the buzzwords and phrases–frequently and by so many sources, that the psychological effects make you believe it is true.

Another example that continues to this day, is the mantra “without evidence,” used over and over and over again, so often from numerous outlets, that some believed there was no fraud or evidence of illegal activities during the 2020 Election.

This is a form of psychological “churnalism.”

Yet, you continue to watch?

Look close. Can you spot the propaganda manipulation here?

The practice of manipulating and controlling public opinion has been in place for decades. The COVID Pandemic reveals how effective they are as this propaganda is perfected. Here’s some true history. Have you ever heard the term “Operation Mockingbird?”

Here are more recent examples of their distortion:

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