Why Are Feds Protecting Hunter…and Others?

Information Could Expose Dozens

Multiple sources have been indicating a massive disinformation operation by the Feds (FBI? CIA? Other operatives?) has been in play to counteract the illegal, corrupt and deviant actions of Hunter Biden being exposed.

“Those politicians who are compromised by their own deviant past are doing their best to lay low, not speak out about the Hunter laptop,” one D.C. area source said. “Democrats and Republicans alike, if they are not calling out the FBI or Biden on this, you can bet there’s a blackmail video or recording of them just waiting to be released.”

“There is so much pressure, self induced, that all it would take is one or two confessions to set off an explosion of information that could expose dozens of representatives, senators, judges and so many others involved in kickbacks, sex trafficking, and more,” he revealed.

In the last few weeks the Hunter Biden “operation” on social media related to Hunter Biden has stepped up to plant positive and false information.

However, a disturbing video of Hunter released on the internet has been confirmed to show Joe Biden’s son involved in a crack cocaine transaction while naked.

A nude Hunter is talking to a female about the size of the crack as the cocaine is being measured on a small weight scale.

According to The Gateway Pundit, who has access to Hunter’s Laptop information since late 2020,

We can confirm that this video and pictures are accurate because TGP has had access to this information since the fall of 2020.  TGP had access to this phone backup information housed on Hunter’s laptop for this entire time.

From The Gateway Pundit

Here is a sampling of social media posts about Hunter:

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  1. Most of what is now being discussed has been known by those that have looked at the information is not new.

    I believe they’re setting Joe Biden up to fall as the distraction from what’s really going on

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  2. They must know that if/when Hunter goes down, the entire House of Cards falls right along with him. No one seems to be nervous about the whole thing resting on the shoulders of Hunter Biden. Are they that arrogant or just stupid??

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    • Ever listen to the phone conversation recording between CEO walmart and hunter early in election cycle how big is the election racketeering rig?

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      • It is far bigger than Hunter. When Biden has depleted his usefulness, his son could be a sacrifice.
        We have to go further up the line, maybe past Gates, Soros, Rubenstein before it likely makes a huge enough difference. So many are compromised up and down the line, like the mafia.

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