Texas AG Launches Bot Investigation Against Twitter

Fake President = Fake Followers

In May 2022, a detailed audit for the social media giant by software firm SparkToro, found that about 11 million of Joe Biden’s Twitter followers are “fake followers.”

Elon Musk said he believes that 20% of all Twitter accounts are fake and vowed to not go through with his $44B purchase of the social media giant until the issue is resolved.

On Monday Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton launched an investigation against Twitter for potentially false reporting over its fake bot accounts in violation of the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act.

🔹On Twitter, “bots” are automated, non-human accounts that can do virtually the same things as real people: send tweets, follow other users, and like and retweet others’ posts.

🔹Also known as zombies, these are automated Twitter accounts controlled by bot software. While they are programmed to perform tasks that resemble those of everyday Twitter users — such as liking tweets and following other users — their purpose is to tweet and retweet content for specific goals on a large scale.

🔹Spam accounts like these inflate followers and reach, and often push deceptive and annoying activity.

Just like election ballots, the White House camera set, his botoxed face, and social media followers, everything about Biden is fake.

🔹Bot accounts can not only reduce the quality of users’ experience on the platform but may also inflate the value of the company and the costs of doing business with it, thus directly harming Texas consumers and businesses.

🔹To address this concern, Attorney General Paxton issued a Civil Investigative Demand (CID) to investigate whether Twitter’s reporting on real versus fake users is “false, misleading, or deceptive” under the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act.

🔹The CID requires Twitter to turn over documents related to how it calculates and manages its user data and how these numbers relate to Twitter’s advertising businesses.

🔹Twitter has until June 27 to respond to Attorney General Paxton’s Demand.

American liberals have spent at least the last eight years obsessing over “Russian bots” and Kremlin interference while very little attention has been paid to a homegrown danger — virtually limitless amounts of money being spent to covertly manufacture discourse and fake public support on social media.

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  1. Between Paxton and Musk, maybe they can put an end to this. Social media has ruined our children and controls our everyday lives to a point to where we are techno zombies. We were at an event a few nights ago and I never carry my cell into restaurants etc. I noticed most of the people there had their faces stuck in a cell phone, texting or checking things out. No social interaction with each other. Sad day. So once Musk gets rid of the bots, will Biden still be as popular? Will Trump gain in popularity again? Hope so.

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  2. They also use “bots” to root out conservatives and other people they don’t like. And, whenever liberals would object to something I tweeted on Twitter, the standard accusation was, “You’re a bot!” I don’t miss Twitter because it turned into a miserable experience.

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