The California Dream is Busted

California’s political corruption, high taxes and progressive policies forced more than 367,000 people to abandon the Golden State in 2021.

California lost a seat in Congress for the first time after the U.S. Census showed so many residents left.

The population totals and trends for California, the Bay Area and the Bay Area’s five largest cities, according to the state Department of Finance estimate is alarming:

— California, 38.19 million residents, a decline of 117,552, or 0.3%

— Bay Area, 7.61 million residents, down 50,434, or 0.7%

— San Jose, 976,482, down 14,662, or 1.5%

— San Francisco, 842,754, down 6,721, or 0.8%

— Oakland, 424,464 residents, down 5,636, or 1.3%

— Fremont, 229,476, up 604, an increase of 0.3%

— Santa Rosa, 175,775, down 1,621, or a decrease of 0.9%

In 2021, 110,283 students left the California public school system. It follows a decline in the 2020-21 school year of approximately 161,000 students.

2022 looks to be even more alarming.

California’s public school enrollment has been on the decline for six straight years, and now sits at its lowest level in two decades.

Since its peak in the 2004-05 school year, California public schools have lost almost half a million students.

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  1. We can only pray those 367 thousand exiles didn’t migrate out of radical liberal California into Red States to turn them blue. I don’t mind if they leave, just don’t take your blue crap to a red state in hopes of turning it blue. If that is what they intend to do, then don’t let them into your red state.

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  2. I miss my brother, who died in 2013, and lived in North Hollywood. But everyday, I am so grateful he came to Jesus before he died, and is living in Heaven now instead of California. Things were getting bad then; a couple of months before he got sick, his budget was so tight he said with a sigh, ” if only I didn’t have to eat.” We were originally from Massachusetts, bastion of Leftism,(didn’t take in me), but so many Massachusetts people started fleeing up here in the 80’s, and continued to vote Democrat, that the state has changed entirely. That’s what happened in New Hampshire. And Vermont, and Maine. They all left the mess and didn’t learn. brought it with them.

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