Why Kari Lake Will be Arizona’s Governor


Perhaps President Donald J. Trump’s strongest ally in upcoming elections is an intelligent patriot who just happens to be female with a history of integrity that leaves other journalists in shame.

A candidate for Arizona Governor, Kari Lake represents the Biden Administration’s, Democrats and RINOS most challenging foes.

Arizona citizens know they have been cheated in their elections. They are demanding action and justice.

“Arizonans lives are being turned upside down and our national security is being jeopardized while President Biden, congressional Democrats, and Washington bureaucrats refuse to carry out their constitutional obligations to protect us. Sadly, this is not a new development,” Kari announced.

“For decades, federal commitments to protect our nation’s sovereign borders have largely been abandoned even as the danger to our communities and our nation has only intensified,” Lake notes. “But it isn’t just amnesty-obsessed members of Congress or open-borders staffers in the West Wing that have abdicated their duty to American citizens in favor of ideological extremists on the left.”

“Activist federal judges have also stymied past efforts in Arizona to put an end to the evils of the cartels,” she continued. “Except for an all-too-brief period under President Trump’s leadership, much of Washington D.C’s focus on immigration and border issues has been about incentivizing continued illegal immigration to satisfy big business’ lust for cheap labor, rewarding non-citizens for breaking our laws so that political leaders can virtue signal in the false name of compassion, and crassly pushing mass amnesty for millions of non-citizens as a means of solidifying a permanent political majority.”

Lake acknowledges that Arizona has “endured this chaos for far too long and as Americans, we have the right to secure ourselves and safeguard our communities through strong criminal deterrence and bold leadership.”


Finishing Trump’s Wall 

“The border barrier currently covers about 245 miles out of the 373 total miles of the Arizona-Mexico border,” she explains. “Tribal and federal land comprises much of the remaining miles lacking a border wall. This will require separate actions to resolve.”

“However, as governor, I will utilize every resource at my disposal to ensure the Legislature appropriates enough money to complete the estimated 18 miles of President Trump’s unfinished border barrier and to maintain its integrity moving forward.”

“Any budget that fails to fully fund the border wall’s completion will be vetoed,” she continued. “Border barrier construction will be partially funded using seized assets from convicted criminals associated with the cartels. Once completed, Arizona will request full reimbursement from Washington D.C.”

Expanding the Arizona Rangers

 “I will call on the Legislature to restore the Arizona Rangers as a special state-funded law enforcement force. The Rangers currently serve on a volunteer basis. That will soon change and they will be given an official priority mission: secure Arizona’s borders from cartel thugs, assist law enforcement in cracking down on criminal activity along the border, and defend their state.”

Enhancing the National Guard Presence

“I will increase their presence and expand their mission to include destroying smuggler and cartel tunnels. We will do so in consultation with Israeli military officials experienced in dealing with Hamas tunnel networks.”

🔹Shooting down drones that cross from Mexico into Arizona airspace.

🔹Giving detainment authority to arrest illegal immigrants and cartel operatives.

Modify HB 2810 to Crack Down on Cartels

In 2021, “the state overhauled Arizona’s civil asset forfeiture laws. This bill passed with overwhelming bipartisan support and includes many positive provisions that protect the property rights of Arizonans. However, the Legislature acted too broadly.”

“They should return to the bill and provide a carveout that allows law enforcement to seize property belonging to suspected or known criminals affiliated with the cartels and human trafficking rings under asset forfeiture. This is a critical tool for disrupting the operations of these powerful narco-terrorist networks.”

We Will Deport Criminals

“…Biden wasted little time undoing President Trump’s strong border enforcement measures and returned to the failed policy of catch-and-release that has served as a catalyst for increased illegal migration,” Lake notes. “The result has been the largest number of illegal immigrant apprehensions in American history, increased human trafficking and abuse, record amounts of methamphetamine seizures, and record amounts of fentanyl pouring into our towns and communities.”

“We will defy his failure to protect Arizonans by taking detainment and removal matters into our own hands.”

This will be achieved through:

Empowering Law Enforcement to Make Trespassing Arrests

🔹 Trespassing is a crime in Arizona and first-degree criminal trespassing carries a penalty of up to four years in state prison.

🔹Law enforcement officers will be tasked with arresting illegal immigrants, smugglers, and traffickers under existing state trespassing laws as a short-term stopgap to alleviate an overwhelmed and demoralized U.S. Border Patrol.

🔹Thousands of illegal immigrants willingly surrender to federal border agents knowing they will be released. Under this protocol, even those who willingly surrender will be arrested for breaking state law.

Creating a Special Border Court

“In 1988, Arizona created the Tax Court as a department of the Superior Court in Maricopa County with statewide jurisdiction to handle tax disputes. I will follow a similar model and call for the Legislature to create a special Border Court within the Superior Court apparatus to rapidly adjudicate these trespassing crimes for non-citizen illegal immigrants.”

Granting Removal Authority for State Guard/National Guard:

🔹”As governor, I will do what Texas has done and instruct the Arizona National Guard as well as the newly-created Arizona State Guard to arrest illegal immigrants using state trespassing laws.”

🔹”However, I will go further and exercise Arizona’s inherent state power under Article I of the Constitution to instruct both the National Guard and Arizona Guard to actively return illegal immigrants back across the border to Mexico.”

Expanding Communications with the Mexican Government

“These new detainment and deportation measures will require expanded communication and consultation with the government of Mexico. I will create a new interagency and governmental task force that will stay in constant communication with Sonora officials on this issue and build on our longstanding relationship with Mexico to underscore why detainment and deportation are vital for our respective security and prosperity.”



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  1. I lived and worked in Arizona for 38 years. Kari Lake had an amazing career in journalism and, to my knowledge, never said/did anything that caused her reputation or integrity to be challenged. She’s exactly the leader Arizona needs as Governor.

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    • How could she vote for amnesty when she was not a politician? Was it some kind of Arizona amendment up for vote by citizens?
      We need to be cautious & clarify because the media, RINOS and Dems are in full force spreading mistruths, rumors, etc.

      Liked by 2 people

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