Idiots Who Think You Are Stupid

The United States has reached a point in our society where:

🔹You can actually quote exact numbers straight from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website, documented literature from the Institute of Health and Vaccines…

…Idiots will still label you a “conspiracy theorist.”

🔹”Trust the science” is the most anti-science statement ever made…

…Questioning science is literally how you do science.

🔹A locked down nation with mask and vaccine mandates is stupid…

…When a wide open border defies all logic.

🔹A newspaper or television news broadcasts claims massive election fraud is “without evidence” or a “Big Lie”…

…But millions of Americans have seen foolproof evidence (including security cameras and phone tracking intelligence) presented repeatedly via social media, non-mainstream media, and as presented with the “2000 Mules” documentary by Dinesh D’Souza.

Don’t get us started. Here is the obvious as presented on social media by patriotic America:


As of June 3, 2022 you can safely add 3% to each line item.
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Biden, as a senator, actually proposed and supported the one on the left.
Both sets are idiots.
Democrat congressional representatives fleeing Texas to escape voting on anti-mask mandate.
Actual quote.

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  1. All True. Well, almost. I think Fauci’s wife is a Bioethicist, but she: was recently named chief of the Department of Bioethics of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Clinical Center. I don’t believe she is over the FDA. But far closer than the liberals are on their facts.

    Science is great, when Science is applied as Science should be. But Science is Political anymore. They do what they are told to do by idiots, and they (Scientists) have no personal integrity, too few of them at least.

    Is covid Airborne? If covid is Airborne, do Masks actually work? These are easily answered by Science, but Science allows itself to be compromised by not providing Scientific Answers.

    We know OSHA in the U.S., but NIOSH (National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health) does research on items, such as Respirators. Based on their Findings, OSHA may make regulatory changes to protect workers. NIOSH researches Respirators. Guess which agency oversees NIOSH. If you said the CDC, you’re correct. If NIOSH doesn’t know if covid is Airborne, no one knows. covid is almost assuredly Airborne, leaving Simple Masks likely useless, and N95 (90% Efficient when worn, not 95%) not as protective as one would think. These are Scientific Answers, since covid has occurred, nothing is Scientific, and the Scientists are cowards.

    Great Blog, great points as always.

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    • And N95 masks are only effective if custom fitted to each wearer prior to use. A fact often not mentioned by the self-proclaimed Representative of Science, Dr. Death Fauci.

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      • It’s true, what you say. They have Quantitative and Qualitative Fit Testing.

        Fit Testing N95s with the PortaCount Respirator Fit Tester

        For N95s, Quantitative Testing is Destructive (they poke a hole in the N95 for the Test Probe), and OSHA Temporarily Suspended some obligations for testing (there were specifications on the interim testing requirements) that were put in place due to the shortage of N95s. I’d imagine the suspension of Testing is long over.

        Something I have arduously tried to tell people, though, is that even with a Properly Fitted N95, due to the Assigned Protection Factor of N95s and Half Face Respirators being 10, it means that 1/10 of the contaminant gets past the Face to Facepiece Seal and is breathed. So, a perfectly fitting, perfectly worn, N95 is only 90% efficient, not 95 like we all believe. The Filter itself is 95% effective against particles of 0.3 Microns and Larger. covid is 0.125 Microns and smaller.

        If anyone sees the above video, not only is the Respirator, including N95s, tested to see if they seal, and how much the seal is, but they have to do motions, talking, deep breathing, and the like, to see how they fit under more realistic conditions. Having a Full Face, a Half Face, and an SCBA Facepiece Fitted Every Year for 25 years, I went though many of these Fit Tests, and the Fit does vary significantly while doing the movements, breathing, and talking.

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