Immigrant Jailed in Texas After Two Separate Sexual Assault Attempts on Girls, 4 and 7

In a news conference, Lubbock Police asked parents if there is any chance Delmer Orlando Ortiz Licona, a “Mexican National,” has had contact with their children. They request parents take the time to speak to them, and report any possible incidents or information with the Special Victims Unit at 806-775-2788.

Licona faces charges of aggravated sexual assaults on children in August 2021 and May 2022.

While online jail records describe the perpetrator as Orlando Delmer-Ortiz, the police report and arrest warrant listed him as Delmer Orlando Ortiz-Licona.

August 2021 With 7-Year-Old

When a 911 Emergency Operater answered the phone she could hear a female voice yelling, “What are you doing to her?”

“I just found my man, huh, whoever lives with me, naked in the bed with my daughter,” the caller told the dispatcher. “Please hurry. He’s running away. Please hurry.”

Dispatcher: “And he’s your boyfriend?”

Mother: “He’s supposed to be, but you hurry up or I’m going to kill him. I’m going to f*****g kill him. Please hurry, please hurry. I’m fixing to kill him, hurry please, please hurry, please f*****g hurry. He’s jumping the fence. He’s f*****g jumping the fence. Hurry.”

The dispatcher heard the woman tell the child to get in the car. The dispatcher asked if the child was OK.

Mother: “Yes, I got home just on time.”

The mom told the dispatcher she was following the male, and “I’m not going to deal with it.”

The dispatcher heard a loud sound that sounded like something was hit. The little girl started screaming and crying.

Mother: “Please get an ambulance.”

Dispatcher: “Did you just hit him?”

The mother explained that Licona jumped in front of her car, and she hit him. She said he was passed out drunk, but everyone was OK.

The child, during a forensic interview, told investigators specific details about the assault.

Police reports show the suspect repeatedly refused to show up to scheduled meetings with the investigator.

May 2022 Attempted Child Snatching

On May 2, 2022, Licona was punched in the face by a Lubbock mother during his attempt to kidnap her 4-year-old.

He was formally charged and indicted by a grand jury for attempt to commit aggravated kidnapping.

The mother told police she was with her child paying their rent when Licona reached into her car and tried to grab her daughter. She punched Licona in the face and told him to back away before Licona left the scene.

🔹 Special Victims Unit detectives identified Licona as the suspect within five hours.

🔹Licona was taken into custody by the U.S. Marshals before 2 p.m. on May 3, 2022.

As of May 30, Licona remains in the Lubbock County Detention Center without bond, for an Immigration Customs Enforcement detainer.

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    • One guess why FB doesn’t allow us to post? Some patriots use “CleverJourneys dot com” to share. We lost over 22,000 FB readers in Dec. 2021. But gained them back plus far more with GAB, Twitter, Gettr, etc. Headline News and Views on FB is still active and some people get our posts from there. Thanks again.

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  1. Also in your country. It is erverywhere.

    Germany is and remains the frontrunner, or let’s say Old Europe.

    It could be stopped, or at least contained, if one wanted to. But they don’t want to, because the fairy tale of fabulous multiculturalism could be damaged.

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  2. That, and the current U.S. administration has invited multiple country’s dregs of society to pour over our southern border unchecked. This has changed the face of America and forced us to watch out for/take care of our own.

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  3. Hello Doodie, you have it good. You can switch to other platforms, but I already fail at every registration, no matter where. I am completely dependent on wordpress. Better than nothing.

    In Germany, sexual crimes and murders are committed primarily for political (Islam) motives (The woman in Islam). With us it is always said “the poor guy had a bad childhood, etc.)”, but in fact it is done in the name of Allah.

    The migrants with you, are also for the most part Muslims, right? At least the ones from Tahiti?

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  4. Hello Linda – thank you for your comments and questions. I’m no expert on Religions of the world, politics, or even history. That is more Jack’s forte than mine.
    However I do remember when Barack Obama was the U.S. President for 8 years, he made a point of relocating Muslim refugees to major American cities and providing for their every need. Even though he has denied it, he IS Muslim himself, and refuses to honor our American flag. A few of the relocated refugees even serve in the U.S. government, which to me is an abomination since they hate America and everything she stands for.
    As far as illegal aliens crossing our southern border, most of them seem to be from Central and South America as well as Mexico. These countries have emptied their jails and prisons, sending hardened criminals to America, helping destroy us from within. I’m sure many radical Jihadists also come through those countries and cross our southern border as well. Radical Islamists hate America, calling us the Great Satan, as well as Israel (Little Satan), and have vowed to wipe both nations off the map. That’s why the thought of Iran having and using nuclear weapons is so concerning.
    In today’s America, the Socialists are pushing to destroy the U.S. as it always has been, and make it into a country like Venezuela – totally dependent on the government.
    So sorry – I didn’t realize the Muslim presence was so strong in Germany.

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