Woke Wake County Preschool Teacher Uses Pregnant Man Featured LGBTQ+ Cards in Class

A woke Wake County North Carolina preschool teacher has been caught using LGBTQ flash cards, including one featuring a pregnant man, to teach the young children their colors.

State Rep. Erin Paré (R), who was notified by email about the flash cards by a concerned parent, contacted the principal at Ballentine Elementary School.

Rep. Paré

“The principal found the stack of cards in a preschool classroom and verified with the teacher that they had been used by the teacher in the classroom to teach colors. The principal confirmed that the flash cards were not part of approved curriculum and that she was unaware that they were being used,” North Carolina Speaker of the House Tim Moore said in a statement.

“The principal immediately took possession of the cards, contacted the WCPSS area superintendent, and engaged human resources,” Moore continued. “The principal expressed appreciation for the constituent’s information via Rep. Paré, as she would not have known about the flash cards otherwise.”

The playing cards are made by a now-defunct company known as ByUs Box, which additionally made units of flash playing cards showcasing non-binary and transgender animals, gender impartial nursery rhymes and a ‘Blackness Collection.’ 

The cards “clearly do not meet the standard for a pre-school classroom,” Paré noted. “Schools should only be using age-appropriate materials, and these flashcards clearly do not meet that standard for a pre-school classroom. I hope schools across Wake County and the State of North Carolina will follow the example of Ballentine and respond swiftly when a parent expresses concern and ensure that materials like this are not being used to teach young students.”

Moore’s office revealed that in a poll released in May, 2022, North Carolina voters (57%) overwhelmingly supported passing legislation that would “make parents the primary decision-makers regarding their child’s health and medical decisions and provide parents with opt-out options regarding controversial surveys or age-inappropriate classroom materials.”

“The members of the North Carolina General Assembly are currently reviewing legislation to address this very concern. Parents deserve to know exactly what and how their children are being taught,” Moore said.

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    • I have a picture, it’s several Bubble Levels, and they have Tape on them, with the word Wrong written on the Tape on each one. The caption reads “Wrong on so many levels”. I wish I could post it. You’re correct, even in the choice of words, but the image of those levels means I’ll probably not be able to hear those justified words without thinking of that darn picture. LOL.

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  1. Democrats in my neighborhood are certifiably insane. I’m quite serious. One woman, married at one time to a now deceased black man, feels that burning down businesses and vehicles in the antifa and blm riots was justified, due to racial inequality, yet she values her house as a showpiece. Another couple, one formerly a cop, both Catholic, are ardent democrats thus support abortion. When I asked one about abortion, I was told that is a “Catholic Issue”, I feel confident that neither realizes that Delivery Day Abortions are possible, Late Term Abortions have been the norm, and Democrats now want Post Delivery Abortions, say 28 Days (initially) after the baby is born, that killing it would not be a crime. Only insane people would even think such things. As a former cop, apparently they are unaware of the Defund the Police Movement from the Democrats, and the Police Officers that have died from left-wing violence and policies.

    The cards discussed in this Blog Entry are just another sign of the total insanity of the left.

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