Since Biden, Uvalde Children Face Higher Crime Rates

City Plagued by Illegal Immigrants

Children in Uvalde, Texas live in a community where a crime occurs every 11 hours 38 minutes on average.

On Tuesday, May 24,2022, the city experienced one of the most horrific crime events in Texas history. After executing his grandmother in her home that morning, Salvador Ramos, a troubled 18-year-old Uvalde High senior, sped to the nearby Ross Elementary School and shot multiple terrified students and adults with a handgun gun and rifle. By the end of mid-day, Ramos was killed by a Border Patrol officer (who chose not to wait for backup help), leaving over 20 people dead.


Uvalde Mayor Don McLaughlin warned us last year that his small city was especially plagued with growing problems caused by escalating waves of immigrants crossing illegally from Mexico.

95% of American cities were listed as safer than Uvalde prior to the school tragedy.

🔹According to the most recent data from the FBI, the total crime rate in Uvalde is 4,249.1 per 100,000 people.

🔹That’s 81.12% higher than the national rate of 2,346.0 per 100,000 people.

🔹It is 57.87% higher than the Texas total crime rate of 2,691.5 per 100,000 people.

🔹In Uvalde you have a 1 in 24 chance of becoming a victim of crime.

🔹Uvalde is safer than only 5% of the cities in the United States.

🔹Since Joe Biden has been in office, crime in Uvalde has increased by 12.4%.

During a press conference in the nearby border city of Del Rio last October, McLaughlin spoke about his city’s troubles. He was particularly concerned about children and family safety.

“We’ve had to put our schools on lockdown 48 times this year since Jan. 1, so this (2021-22) school year, every school has officers in it,” he revealed. “The school district went out and hired more police officers, and now they’re at every school.”


Crime rates have exploded up in border towns due to what locals call “The Biden Illegal Alien Crisis.”

🔹Crimes are up in Brownsville, Harlingen, McAllen, Laredo, Eagle Pass and Del Rio.

🔹Cities not directly on the border, like San Antonio, Corpus Christi and Uvalde are experiencing similar crime surges.


A San Antonio veteran police officer, who asked not to be identified, was upfront about the causes.

“Our Chief (William) McManus is owned by Democrat operatives,” he said. “It’s common knowledge he aids and abets illegal alien transports here. He was caught a few years back helping a tractor trailer full of them escape behind a Wal-Mart and is supposed to being investigated by the Attorney General, but we don’t hear much about that anymore.”

“We know it’s all due to Democrat immigration policies to defund police, ICE, Border Patrol and squelch our ability to serve and protect,” he continued. “It’s all bullcrap. F**ck Joe Biden.”


Perhaps the Uvalde Mayor explained the key difference between border towns and inner cities best.

“Ours is not the same as y’all’s here in Del Rio,” McLaughlin said at the October meeting. “Ours is the ‘got-aways,’ the ‘get-aways,’ the people that are walking around cutting our ranchers’ fences.”

“They’re trashing houses. Our crime rate is up in Uvalde. I’m not saying 100 percent of it is from the migrants, but it’s up considerably,” the mayor added.

McLaughlin knows the increase in criminal activity in Uvalde is due, at least in great part, to the immigrant surge.

“I believe it, and so does my sheriff and the chief of police. We think at least part of it is the migrants coming through and trying to break into places,” McLaughlin said.


A big surge has been experienced in “bailouts.”

“At first, our problem was high-speed chases, and we were having three or four of those every day. Now we’ve got the chases stopped, but they come into town, and we run the license plates or DPS runs the license plates, and they don’t match the car. Then they speed up for two blocks, and everybody in the car bails out, and you’ve got 10 or 12 people that were in the car now running through town,” he said.

“My concern is, what are we going to do to stop this? With the surge you all had here in September, we were wide open,” he said. “There wasn’t a Border Patrol agent to be found in Uvalde. They even shut the checkpoint down.”

McLaughlin noted challenging issues with immigrants “riding the rails” east after they cross the border illegally.


“We have the trains that we stop in Uvalde every day, and we’re getting anywhere from 10 to 50 (immigrants) a day. On some days, 100,” he explained. “And now we’re finding out that some of those people are pedophiles, rapists, murderers.”

Popular meme

“They’re coming back on that train, and thankfully, Border Patrol is catching most of those people, but we really can’t get any information about what they’re doing with those people, where they’re taking them, and that’s concerns us,” the mayor said.

“We’re not against immigration, but there’s a right way to do it, and the way we’re doing it, the way this (Biden) administration is letting it take place, is wrong,” he noted.


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  1. Thanks for this post Jack, you did your research well. Until Biden is out of office, or no longer breathing, this will continue. We can thank Catholic Charities for much of this aiding and abetting of the illegals. I have zero confidence in our so-called conservative officials to stop this invasion. Perhaps some militias on the boarder with the right fire power could make a difference. I feel bad for Uvalde having to deal with all of this at the same time.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Yes, the Catholic Charities Organization is part of the Problem. But, we can’t say J*wish Organizations too, because that’s antiSemitic, they are also part of the problem. The omission of the e in Jewish is only to emphasize the paranoia some have about discussing issues with them in respectful ways.

      Jews Unite Behind Push for Immigration Reform

      America has gotten where it’s at under Protestant Leadership as Presidents. Trump made a HUGE Difference, as a Protestant President, but he’s the exception, not the rule. I think few would disagree that Pence was a complete Traitor. “It is said that Mike left the Catholic Church during his college. After that, he became an Evangelical, who is known as the born-again Christian.” So, he’s Protestant now, and still a loser. Biden is Catholic and a loser. But Kennedy was the First Catholic President, since the Founding of the U.S., all the others were Protestant. Where we are today, we are here under their guidance.

      It’s easy to blame the Catholics, it comes instinctually to too many Americans. But look at the leaders that got us to this point, they weren’t Catholic. Poland, 80%+ Catholic, rejects Illegal Immigrants and Refugees, because the Polish know what is best for their country overall, and the rantings of a communist Pope (or dementia riddled president), would not influence a well balanced society. America is a mere 24% Catholic, they can’t have that much influence, or history would be filled with Catholic Presidents.

      So, yes, I did some research, Catholic Charities is repugnant on the issue, and so are similar organizations of Jewish Affiliation, I’m all for laying the blame on those responsible, regardless of their Religious or Nationality Affiliations.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Well said. A lot of blame to pass around. Most of Latin America is Catholic, thus the rendering of aid to break our laws. Biden’s purpose is a “wish of magic” that if 5 percent of the illegals can somehow vote, there will never be another conservative in any office in America. It’s as plain as a billboard but no one in the MSM or even Fox will utter the truth.

        Liked by 2 people

        • I agree, I have since reading your comment, affirmed the issues with Catholic Charities in my commenting elsewhere, but that makes the Jewish Drive for open borders all the more mysterious. Catholic Charities may feel they are aiding Catholics, but the same thing can’t be said about Jewish Refugee and Immigration Agencies. But we can both agree that Open Borders are not right, limited Immigration from a Variety of Countries is right, according to the needs of the Countries Receiving the immigrants.

          “Pope fires conservative black cardinal who warned about invasion of Islam”, Cardinal Sarah also warned about Economic Refugees, i.e. there is no reason to let a country be destroyed by people just trying to to earn more money. Refugees from Worn Torn or Areas of Natural Destruction should be given priority, and even those limited, like Trump said, to Shelter them in Place when possible.

          Liked by 1 person

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