James Woods Tells It Like It Is, Despite Hollywood

The Fiesty Actor at 75 Doing What He Does Best Off the Big Screen

Actor James Woods, after a ten month ban from Twitter because of his conservative views in 2020, came back roaring:

“I was on vacation awhile, avoiding the news. How’d the #Mueller thing work out? The #impeachment scam? Who won the #Iowa caucuses? Is #MichaelAvenatti still a contender for the Democratic nomination for President? How’s #JeffreyEpstein doing?”

On his 75th birthday, April 18, 2022, we salute Mr. Woods for his patriotism, intelligence and telling it like it really is. Here are some of his best.

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  1. The ability to be open in one’s speech is critical to a society such as ours, as that’s how the nation was founded. James Woods takes a licking and keeps on ticking, to steal a phrase from Timex.

    Facebook and Twitter suspending Paul Joseph Watson and James Woods, respectively, is a sign of a country with a fundamental basis of Free Speech, but no commitment to it by Social Media. Alas, the censorship isn’t limited to liberals. I’m banned on American Thinker, Conservative Treehouse, Front Page Magazine, and The Gateway Pundit. I have commented on The Hill, and a few other sites associated with Liberals, but to tell the truth, not that things aren’t different now, but at the time, I have not been banned by Liberal Sites, but I have had my comments removed. I am not sure why Conservative Sites ban so easily. (Conservative Treehouse and Front Page Magazine banned me because I advocated for a black man, shot to death by a police officer, despite the black man being a licensed conceal carry that did not rob a store the night before, nor did he have the gun in his lap, like one or both of those sources reported).

    GAB, despite my best attempts, despite investing hundreds of hours repeating Respirator and Mask info, possessing a zillion links to covid material and posting them as needed, and despite making lighthearted posts, memes, etc., I no longer seem to get more than a few notifications on anything, most are just because I’m on a contact list and these people are commenting to each other. In my humble opinion, as I read, suggested online, GAB uses a modified shadow ban, linking misfits with other misfits, and giving the illusion that they are a genuine Free Speech Platform.

    To me, this is as reprehensible as Facebook and Twitter banning a stunning, articulate intellect, such as James Woods.

    GAB seems to Oppose modifications of Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, and I think it might be because GAB has something to hide, concerning it’s operations. YouTube, for example, permits videos to be posted, some quite obscene, but some of illegal acts, such as people climbing Radio Transmission Towers for Selfies, or Riding Illegally on Railroad Cars such as Gondolas or Hoppers. It’s inconceivable that they would permit those, and then censor reputable Doctors, or Political Speakers. I think the time for media to profit from the Broadcast of Illegal Material needs to end, and Section 230 Needs Modified Accordingly, but Section 230 contained one impetus I have not yet mentioned. In return for certain sites being exempt from responsibility for broadcasting illegal acts, they had to agree not to censor material. Clearly, YouTube is censoring material, usually citing Hate Speech, or Misleading Speech. If any site fails to honor not censoring content (by whatever means), they should not be protected by Section 230.

    Great Article on James Woods, I read through the comments, I’ve always been fond of him.

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  2. I am convinced that many more people have been banned than has been revealed so far.

    I’ve been blocked since 2016/17, not just on Twitter and Facebook, but everywhere. I can’t get in anywhere anymore, only on wordpress.

    My attempts to question the reasons were never answered.

    What Texan Joe reports about James Wood was new to me. In Germany you don’t find out about that.

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    • I’ve noticed that if I complain on GAB about my ostensible isolation, my notifications decrease for a few days even more from the few that I get. Lamenting that I was getting .83333 notifications per hour, despite having 1100 followers, one woman I respect chimed in that with 2500 followers, she’s also getting too few responses and likes. I’ve written to GAB support about it, and told my account is clear, but to be “clear” means there is some way not to be clear.

      Conservative media complains that they are censored, all the while they are censoring. I’m quite confused by the whole issue.

      Sorry to hear you’re similarly experiencing limitations on your ability to communicate thoughts on social media.

      There are a few Conservative actors (the term now embodies females too) with lucid, well articulated thoughts, but they are drowned out by the insane comments of other actors.

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  3. The Democrats have steadfastly been trying to cancel the Republican Party altogether. That’s why they will continue to cheat in our elections and try to cancel conservative candidates. All this started under Obama, ramped up by liberals under Trump, and became the norm under Biden. What the Democrats are doing is no different than what the Nazis did in Germany.

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