Wisdom on Mysterious Disappearance of 2020-21 Flu Season

“There are multiple considerations,” Dr. Artaud, one of our favorite readers commented regarding the mysterious disappearing flu season of 2020-2021. “I distinctly remember in late 2019 that the prediction for the flu season into 2020 was going to be a record number of deaths and serious cases, the worst in modern history. Yet COVID walked in on top of that, making the flu seemingly disappear.”

Although “Dr. Artaud” is a pen name based on a character from a movie some years ago, the commenter is known for his detail, intelligence and solid observations. Here he continues:

Popular meme during 20-21 flu season

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  1. In January 2020, my husband ended up in the hospital with a respiratory problem. We had both gotten quite sick in November 2019. His nurses told him that the hospital was full of respiratory patients. I ended up in the hospital in February 2020. My nurse told me that the flu season had been non-existent, and they had just gotten their first cases in January. Later in the year, our family doctor told us that she believed COVID was already around in the fall of 2019 because so many people were getting sick with respiratory problems and pneumonia. When the feds decided to pay hospitals for COVID patients, then all of a sudden, everybody had COVID. Add the politics and hysteria, and it’s clear that we will never know the real COVID numbers.

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  2. I couldn’t agree more. LOL. As you can see, I’m making my way through a back-log of Unread Blog Entries.

    Last night, afflicted with insomnia, somewhere near 4:00 AM, I resorted to reading another blog I follow, it’s Fiction, well done, and it did the trick, for it helped me get the 3 Hours of Sleep I finally succeeded in getting. It’s not uncommon for me to have 4 1/2 Hours of Sleep, but 3 is Pressing it. There may have been short periods of sleep prior to 4:00 AM, but not considerable, it seemed like I was awake the entire time.

    It’s a shame we’re seeing what we are, stress causes Adrenaline and Cortisol, and they hinder sleep, and can direly effect out lives if sustained. But the fiction was just what I needed to de-focus my mind from Political Issues and allow me to sleep. I appreciate the posting of my opinion, something just isn’t fitting together in the world as presented to us. Droplet forms of Transmission was the original theory, but Airborne seems to be the actual method of Transmission, and even a CNN Doctor Blurted out that Masks don’t work for omicron and didn’t work for delta. That means what we are coping with is Science Fiction in itself. Not the virus, I believe it exists, but some of the methods of protection from it seem like they were promulgated to make sure more people were infected, because we believed the authorities were Truthful and Honest. I’d like to see a debate between a Competent Industrial Hygienist and Fauci or similar.

    At one time, the media would have been the Safeguard between the govt and the people, but the media abandoned that responsibility years ago. Statements were given at Press Conferences that even novice journalists should have questioned, but they didn’t. Blogs like yours gets the ideas out to the public that maybe we should question the official word and do our own research. You are part of Citizen Journalists that are critical to Freedom of Speech.

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    • Thank you. Who would have thought the world would wind up this way on our watch?
      Not that long ago, I went back to Texas State University to speak to students in the School of Journalism. I critiqued their newspaper, shamed them for their indoctrination and reminded them that journalism is about TRUTH. Professors were shocked with their mouths wide open or shaking their heads no.
      I continued. Afterwards many of the students asked awesome questions and admitted the indoctrination. I told them I’d like to think some of them would do something radical: ask questions, dig deep, and write truth. I doubt I’ll ever be invited back.

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