RFK, Jr was Right: Flu is Up, COVID Cases and Jabs Spiral Down

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. has been warning us about the CDC, FDA and Anthony Fauci types throughout the pandemic ordeal. It turns out he has been right all along.

After taking an extended vacation in 2020 and 2021, the flu decided to magically come back to reality for 2022. Coincidentally, as flu cases began reappearing, the COVID-19 China virus continues its downward plunge.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) imagines as April arrives there have been at least 2.9 million flu illnesses, 28,000 hospitalizations and 1,700 related deaths.

In tandem, both COVID-19 cases and vaccinations in the U.S. continue to spiral down, per the CDC’s own COVID-19 data tracker.

🔹The nation’s COVID-19 seven-day case average dropped 16.6 percent from the previous week’s average.

🔹The current seven-day death average is down 11.4 percent from the previous week’s average. This marks the sixth consecutive week deaths have fallen.

🔹Over half of those who took the first two experimental jabs, have not taken a booster, the CDC said. They did not say how far under half this is: 42%? 34? 21%? 7%? They didn’t offer that information.

🔹The seven-day average number of experimental “vaccines” administered daily dropped 17.6 percent from the previous week.

🔹The seven-day hospitalization average for March 9-15 showed a 27.2 percent decrease from the previous week’s average.

🔹The seven-day average for percent positivity from tests is 2.2 percent, down 0.59 percent from the previous week. 

🔹The nation’s seven-day average test volume for the week of March 4-10 was down 11.2 percent from the prior week’s average.

🔹No states reported very high flu activity, though Oklahoma reported high activity for the second week in a row. Kansas and Idaho reported moderate activity for the second consecutive week as well, while Iowa, New Mexico, North Dakota, Texas and Utah reported low activity. The remaining states reported minimal flu activity, while Washington, D.C., reported insufficient data.


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  1. There are multiple considerations.

    I distinctly remember in late 2019 that the prediction for the flu season into 2020 was going to be a record number of deaths and serious cases, the worst in modern history. Yet covid walked in on top of that, making the flu seemingly disappear.

    We’ve been told that 60,000 to 80,000 deaths in the U.S. weren’t uncommon from the flu, but suddenly, I think in the 2020/2021 flu season, there was only 800+ deaths? Lock-downs may have reduced the spread of the flu, but I’m fairly confident that Masks did not reduce the flu cases, as masks have been proven ineffective in previous years against the flu.

    Pneumonia was, before covid, the 2nd most common cause of hospital admissions in the U.S. Yet since covid, very few people seem to be diagnosed with non-covid pneumonia. So the flu and pneumonia seemed to have disappeared, significantly, and that suggests that the cases were misappropriated for covid cases. In fact, I understand that a new Diagnostic Code (of sorts) was produced, PIC, for pneumonia, influenza, and covid, keeping covid forever in the limelight. With the suppression of autopsies, and incentivizing a diagnosis of covid, it’s no wonder that there were seemingly tremendous loses from covid, many of them likely not from covid at all. With the addition of the inclusion of covid as the cause of death for anyone that died within 28 days of a positive covid test, using a test known to cause false positives, homicides, suicides, and vehicle accidents were listed as covid deaths when that probably wasn’t the case.

    I have no doubt covid exists, but the degree that societies overstated it is characteristic of an insane society with a hidden agenda that I think we are seeing from the WEF and Klaus Schwab.

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  2. Robert F Kennedy Jr’s latest blockbuster book: The Real Anthony Fauci. So much fraud, deception, theft and lies going on for decades. Follow the money!

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