Bob Saget Death Investigation Photos Released

Hours before he was found dead, Bob Saget released this last selfie:

When Saget arrived back in front of the Ritz-Carlton hotel, he handed his rental car keys over and posed for a selfie with valet worker Orlando Nunez, 21.

Last photo of Saget with Nunez.

Orange County, Florida police investigators don’t believe the late comedian’s head injuries were caused by slipping in the shower of his $800 a night hotel room that night.

On Tuesday, March 22, 2022 photos from a forensic investigation at Saget’s Ritz-Carlton suite #962 were released. Police were looking for evidence of a blow from a hard surface or corner that would have likely broken the skin and left a more distinctive injury.

Although no such tissue or matter was found, the final police report suggests Saget, 65, died from a strike on the head on the floor, bed headboard or some other hard surface in the early hours of January 9.

Bed in Room 962, Jan. 9, 2022

“Our purpose was to locate specific places or items in the room that could have caused the trauma found on autopsy,” the final investigation report stated. “The countertops, tables, nightstands, and other hard furniture in the room all had sharply defined edges and corners and were thought to be unlikely due to the fact that they would have lacerated the skin.”

Saget’s night stand showing his iPhone, iPad, glasses, AirPods, Chapstick and more are shown.

Only one cup appears to have been used in the barely touched mini-bar.

Saget had driven himself back from a stand-up performance two hours away in Jacksonville before handing over the keys to his Chevrolet Impala and walking into the Ritz-Carlton at 2:13am.

“The counters in the bathroom and the shower stall were ruled out for the same reason,” the investigation report continued. “Most of the chairs and couches were thickly upholstered and were too soft to have caused the type and extent of injury Mr. Saget suffered. As mentioned earlier, most of the suite was carpeted. The headboard of the bed was lightly padded and set slightly out from the wall.”

Shower inside Bob Saget’s Florida hotel suite is pictured in crime scene photos taken immediately after his death.

The door to room 962 was latched from the inside and there was no sign of struggle, nothing was damaged and no trace of blood on his sheets or bedding, the report indicated.

“These are listed here as possible mechanisms of injury, but nothing was located in the room that allows for a definitive conclusion,” the report said.

Police saw, via CCTV security camera, Saget walking “purposely across the lobby” before entering his room at 2:17am. When he failed to check out later that day security entered his suite at 3:53pm and found Saget slumped dead in his bed with swelling and small bruises in the corner of his left eye.

The internal door to the adjoining room, 961, was found unlocked but staff established that nobody had been inside it while Saget was there.

Ritz-Carlton Orlando

The hotel parking valet said he “didn’t see any injuries, he didn’t seem hurt, he wasn’t slurring his words – he was exactly as I remembered while watching him on the TV as a child. I was in awe.’

Nunez and Saget chatted warmly for several minutes about the pandemic, their families and their home state of California before they huddled for a photo on his cell phone.

“He said he’d just driven back from Jacksonville but he didn’t seem tired at all, it was like he had just stepped off stage,” Nunez recalled.

“We talked about Covid and he made a joke about how there are so many strains now they are giving them sorority names,” he continued. “If anything I was very cautious about the picture as I wanted to be polite and respectful. But he said get in here, c’mon.”

“I’ve met a few celebrities who barely say a word but Bob was the most genuine, approachable guy. When I heard what had happened the next day I was devastated.”

This diagram shows all the injuries sustained by Saget, resulting in his death from a brain bleed

Saget’s death stunned his fans and concerned his distraught wife Kelly Rizzo who indicated her husband was the happiest he had ever been and was in great health.

Experts also ruled out drugs or alcohol as the cause, attributing the beloved funnyman’s death to ‘blunt force injuries to the head’ including various abrasions to the scalp and fractures to the base of the skull.

Saget was on the road for his ‘I Don’t Do Negative Comedy Tour’ tour when he died.

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  1. I’m curious if you will speculate on the merits of the findings. The findings seem more diverse than one without medical knowledge on the issue) would expect.

    On another site, pushing the concept that something more serious than a simple fall occurred, they had this to say:

    “”….the chair in neurosurgery at Houston Methodist Hospital telling the New York Times, “This is something I find with someone with a baseball bat to the head, or who has fallen from 20 or 30 feet.” He also pointed out that even thick parts of the skull were fractured and added that the injuries would be accompanied by “significant pain.”

    ….Former Assistant US Attorney Richard Signorelli tweeted, “No wrongdoing found. Something doesn’t makes sense given his severe head injuries,”

    ….trauma physician Dr. Megan Ranney stated, “Hi. ICYMI (In Case You Missed It): This is not a ‘slip & fall.’ This is not a minor concussion. This is MAJOR head trauma….She..later add, “PS: this doesn’t mean it was INTENTIONAL trauma either. But this is more than just ‘I whacked my head on the kitchen cabinet.'”

    Despite my lack of Medical Training, the above, not the original Medical Examiner’s Conclusions, Ring True. Adding that he had covid likely was a shameless exploitation that I suspect Doctors have been programmed to do. The 2nd Most Common Cause of Hospital Admissions before covid was pneumonia, yet pneumonia has nearly completely disappeared from the scene, with doctors claiming all respiratory illnesses are covid. There is even a new code of PIC, for pneumonia, influenza, and covid, things that share a constellation of symptoms at some level. While waiting to have routine blood work today, I queried a woman in the waiting room if she knew anyone that had covid. She had it, and her family (I trust she is married and has children), her father was the only one that required hospitalization, but all recovered. But she said she was symptom free except for loss of taste and smell, to the point that she was unable to smell Vicks VapoRub, and still, months later, has issues with those senses. That is a true symptom of covid, it seems, if the nasal passages are not otherwise blocked by congestion.

    But Jack has the experience in investigation, I’d like to read his analysis of the findings and possibilities for what may have happened.

    Liked by 2 people

    • I have reached out in an attempt to get more source information (autopsy report, injury photos, etc.). If successful, and if I am able to talk with someone with personal knowledge (sheriff department, police department, doctor, medical assistant, etc.) then I could provide a proper analysis. I just have to wait to see if anything pans out. I don’t really have any actual sources in the Orlando area, although I do have some elsewhere in the state. Maybe something will drum up. However, on the surface, it is hard to accept he bumped his head on a headboard and it created this amount of injury. Also, learned that the passage door to the empty room adjacent to his was unlocked. Although the hotel staff “verified” no one had been in that room during Saget’s stay, I’d like to know what their process of verifying is (check in records, housekeeping, security, electronic surveillance, entry and adjacent room locksets, etc)?

      Liked by 2 people

  2. How convenient, given one last gig at the age of retirement. A possiblity as with many other Celebrities that no longer pulled in the big bucks, they are simply retired out of the public mindset to a gated community in another Country.

    Liked by 3 people

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