Communication Concerns of Those Who Wear Masks


  • Slurred speech,
  • Acoustic filtering of speech, making speech sound softer, mumbled, muffled, or otherwise harder to hear,
  • Filter and dull acoustic communication,
  • Limit facial recognition,
  • Positive emotions become less recognizable,
  • Suppression of emotional signals,
  • Erase positive effects of smiles and laughter,
  • Increase the likelihood of misunderstanding,
  • Block emotional signaling,
  • Disrupt human communication, both verbal and non-verbal,
  • Negative emotions are amplified,
  • Reduction of comprehension of outward emotional displays,
  • Reduction in empathy perception,
  • Disrupt social interaction,
  • Disruption of doctor-patient relationship,
  • Bonding between teachers and learners is reduced,
  • Interference with pedagogy,
  • Increased alienation of the deaf and hard of hearing,
  • Increased stress upon the hearing impaired,
  • Increased stress upon the mentally impaired,
  • Reduced social cohesion,
  • Reduced group cohesion,
  • Increased stress-related illnesses,
  • Hinders a baby’s acquisition of speech and language,
  • Increased feelings of isolation,
  • Social withdrawal,
  • Increased peer pressure encouraging the wearing of a face mask beyond the recognition of harmful symptoms,
  • Provokes excessively loud speech,
  • Triggering new voice disorders,
  • Increased risk of voice disorder,
  • Compromise of the pressure gradients required for undisturbed speech,
  • Increased aerosol production during speech, which leads to increased spread of pathogens,

In his book Face Masks Hurt Kids, Lou Rockwell indicates some issues of wearing mask can be minor. Some issues are major. 

“The broad takeaway from this list for me is that there is no longer any way to say that a face mask is safe for any man, woman, or child to wear,” Rockwell wrote. “Masks are least safe for anyone frail such as the sick, the elderly, and children to wear.”

“There is no excuse to let a person force a mask on your child, not just to get through the door, not because I’m in a hurry, not to avoid an uncomfortable conversation, not just to visit grandma, and certainly not just to get through the day at school. Allowing such behavior is negligent and needs to be stopped. We need to have the hard conversations that stop it. We cannot keep avoiding the issue: people in authority demand the right to place this unquestionably harmful medical device on our children and on others.”

If we cannot summon the will and the wherewithal to stand up for the children in our lives, we have little hope of standing up for the rest of society.

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  1. Unless Everyone is Vaccinated, the Vaccine Doesn’t work. Doesn’t make sense, does it? My wife, as a Medical Assistant, has seen many people vaccinated to travel to foreign countries, it helps to prevent them from getting a particular illness common in that area, and helps to prevent the traveler from bringing the infection back to his or her country. Never was there a requirement that everyone in that country be vaccinated to have the Traveler’s vaccine work.

    Masks do not protect the wearer from others, there is some consideration that they protect others in a very limited way, from the wearer, by limiting Droplets expelled, in theory being caught like a ball by a baseball player. But if the pathogen is Airborne, the effectiveness of a mask in reducing that is extremely limited.

    1. Children died every year from the flu, a limited number of them, but it’s still tragic, yet no attempt to reduce these few deaths were made during flu season by having the children wear masks.

    2. I think enough studies show that most children have little concern from covid infections insofar as a possible severe outcome from it requiring hospitalization, they normally experience it mildly from what I read, and I’ve read the reasons for it.

    3. So, children were more likely to die of the flu, but no action was taken, and less likely to die of covid than the flu, but actions were taken. Doesn’t seem right, does it?

    4. The Teachers were afraid. That’s it. So, Vaccinated Teachers wanted kids that don’t experience covid significantly (in most cases) to wear masks that don’t work to protect the vaccinated teacher that is wearing a mask that doesn’t work?

    CAPR Helmet Basics

    “A Controlled Air-Purifying Respirator, or CAPR ®, is a proprietary version of a PAPR, which fulfills all of the same functions using a slightly different arrangement”

    Controlled Air Purifying Respirator. CAPR. Powered Air Purifying Respirator. PAPR.

    PAPRs have the Air Pump on the Waist and a Tube to the Facepiece that supplies Filtered Air to the Facepiece and prevents Contaminants from getting into the Facepiece.

    CAPR has the Air Pump and Filter in the Helmet, has a Battery Pack worn on the person, and a Wire to the Helmet for the Pump.

    According to what I just read, CAPRs Can be worn with Glasses (Unlike the special Spectacles for my Negative Pressure Full Face Air Purifying Respirator that fit Inside the Visor Area because the Temples on the Glasses would break the Face to Facepiece Seal), they don’t require a Fit Test, they supply Filtered Air to the Visor/Seal Area that leaks out due to the flow/pressure, and therefore is much more likely to exclude contaminants (pathogens in our case) than simple Masks. And, DRUM ROLL PLEASE, they have a full view facial area that permits people to see the Face and Lips.

    I am not suggesting these for Students. From Day 1, Teachers should have been given these, the Students told not to wear Masks (if that was approved by a sane authority), and the Teachers provided with an Filtered Air Pressurized Room for breaks (i.e. the Teacher’s Lounge) where they could clean their hands and remove the CAPR to take a break, to take the Teacher’s concerns out of the issue, and to actually implement an effective Respiratory Protection Effort for the Teachers rather than push Masks.

    I am Not a Doctor, since this involves issues that pertain to health, my Screen Name was a Character in a 2001 Movie, and I’ve used it for years.

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      • Dr. Ioannidis believed in Locking-Down until Data was gathered, but he was literally only talking weeks. Then he favored a return by most that weren’t vulnerable to a lifestyle that was common before the virus, and protecting the vulnerable. He said they did the exact opposite of what he recommended.

        This has been a shameless exploitation of fear to make people compliant, I have lost all respect for the FDA, CDC, and had no respect for Fauci to lose. I agree that they are actually making it worse by the things they did overall. Something is seriously amiss. This was not a Scientifically Planned Response.

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