138K Ballots Were Trafficked in Wisconsin 2020 Election

4.8 Million Nationwide

True the Vote, the trustworthy organization dedicated to nonpartisan support of free and fair elections, estimates that at least 7% of all mail in ballots–4.8 million nationwide–were trafficked during the 2020 election. About 138,000 were trafficked in Wisconsin.

“This was an organized crime that was perpetrated on Americans,” Gregg Phillips told citizens gathered at a Wisconsin Assembly hearing this month.

Catherine Engelbrecht and Phillips  of True the Vote presented testimony about their investigation into ballot trafficking in Wisconsin’s 2020 election.

This “was not the most secure election ever,” Engelbrecht began. “It was quite possibly one of the least.”

“Following the money,” Phillips said True the Vote uncovered a “nationwide grift around voting” in which not-for-profits orchestrated paid ballot collection, ballot preparation, and harvested ballot delivery operations.

True the Vote purchased 10 trillion of cell signals in Arizona, Georgia, Texas, Wisconsin, Detroit, Michigan, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

In Wisconsin, the group looked at 1.1 trillion signals (representing 421K unique devices, 20TB of data) during the period from 10/1 – 11/8, which encompassed several weeks before early voting began on 10/20.

🔹They built a pre-election “pattern of life” to help identify the ballot trafficking mules. 

🔹The team then narrowed down the surveillance to individuals that visited at least 5 NGO offices and 26 drop boxes during the early voting period (a pattern that was contrary to their previous daily activity);

🔹138 people in Milwaukee, Racine, and Green Bay fit “mule” profile.

🔹These mules made 3,568 visits to drop boxes during the 2020 election.

🔹Philips noted that 14 of these traffickers also participated in one or more of the violent riots in Wisconsin in 2020.

“We’ve watched the mass mail-out of paper ballots to highly inaccurate voter records,” Englebrecht noted. “The harried installation of by-mail absentee ballot drop boxes, privately funded by billionaire tech magnates.”

“And the hundreds of legislative changes, lawsuits, consent decrees, all that fundamentally altered election processes,” she continued. “And all of this came together in 2020 under the fog of COVID. It’s hard not to look at the confluence of events and come away with any conclusion other than that it was planned.”

True the Vote “formed a working hypothesis, in part, from informant testimonies across the country,” Engelbrecht explained. “It went something like this: If non-profit groups, being funded by CTCL and others, were going to exploit weaknesses in our election process, then the exploitation would likely involve mail ballots (which are notoriously insecure) and the newly introduced and highly unregulated absentee ballot drop boxes.”

Wisconsin Elections Commission did not follow through with its stated commitment to election guidelines for drop box security. Open records requests confirmed that there was no drop box surveillance video available for review in any municipality in Wisconsin except Brown Deer. This caused True the Vote to shift to the commercially available cell phone data.

The group used cutting edge “geo-fence” technology able to track cell phones within “a few inches.” To put the sophistication of the technology into perspective, Phillips quoted Georgetown law professor Paul Ohm, who said, “DNA is the only thing harder to anonymize than precise geolocation data.” 

There are 5 key components to the ballot trafficking hypothesis, Philips summarized:

1. inaccurate voter rolls,

2. mass mail ballots,

3. Non Government Organizations (NGOs),

4. privately funded drop boxes,

5. money.

During the Question and Answering session, Phillips mentioned that while they have the names of the 5 NGOs and 138 individuals, they are unable to release that information due to an active legal investigation.

Engelbrecht concluded by reiterating that ballot boxes, mass mail-in ballots, and in particular “dirty voter rolls are the gateway to fraud” in our elections. They must be eliminated and the penalties for cheating must be severe, she said.

Engelbrecht, founder of True the Vote, gained public integrity recognition by taking on the IRS and winning an important court victory.

“There is power in speaking out,” says Engelbrecht. “There’s power in telling the truth boldly … even if it means that you have to say some uncomfortable things to agencies, institutes, or individuals that wield extreme power. And that was the case with the IRS.”


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  1. It’s beginning to come out that every ballot was watermarked and the election was a huuuuge sting operation set up by Trump and the white-hats. If that’s true, then they know where every one of those ballots are and I have a feeling that things are going to get really bad for the Dem-wits!

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  2. Cell Signals. Having had a One Way Pager for years, then moving to a Cellphone, a few points.

    1. One Way Pagers receive a Signal sent by the Entire Network, it’s the same as keying a Microphone and Saying Something with the Hope that someone will hear you. In the Case of a One Way Pager, if the Pager Doesn’t activate by the signal (say I was driving through a tunnel with no provisions for Pager or Cellphone Signals), the message is lost. It literally gets sent by the entire network one time.

    2. Two Way Pagers, and Cell Phones (let’s stay with Text Messaging), developed. Both I think use similar technology (in a loose sense). Instead of Broadcasting the message on the Entire Network, the Network keeps tracks of where you are, and Broadcasts by an Antenna, or Antennas, in that area (It’s likely only Broadcast from One Tower on one Antenna in the area). They also Handshake Data. The message (sent by someone to you) is routed to the Tower nearest you, and is Broadcast. Your device receives the message, and based on a Digital Code (check-sum) knows if the message was fully received and is correct. If the check-sum is wrong, the Tower can send the message again. We get accurate Text Messages, but if you carried a One Way Pager (Receive Only), sometimes the correctly sent text shows up somewhat cryptic, as the Message was Incorrectly Received and since it’s only sent once, you’re stuck with what you have. On 2 Way Pagers and Cellphones, once the message is Received in full, and Correctly, it is deleted by the Carrier (or stopped trying to be sent).

    I have gone way into Mountainous Areas of Pennsylvania, years ago. Zero Bars on the Signal. No Cellphone Reception. Suddenly, I get a text message. It may have been being held for sometime, and the system awaits the time to send it. Somehow, my Cell Phone Signal got to the tower, the Tower Sent the Message, my Cellphone Received it, it was complete and accurate, and the Cellphone sends the Tower a Response that I got it and everything is OK. The tower has done it’s job and the message is removed from the queue needing to be sent.

    We used to visit an area in Ohio. Big Amish population. We live in Pittsburgh, but the area in Ohio, we still made and received Text Messages on the Cellphone. But the Signal would go from 3 to 4 bars, then nothing, then back to 3 or 4 bars, then nothing, etc. The reason for this is the tower was only able to handle so many messages and signals. When my cellphone would query (ping) the Tower to see if it was there, the Tower would fail to reply because it was overloaded, and the area listed as being without a signal. If I were on the phone, the signal would not stop, because the tower knew I was an active user, and someone else not on the Cellphone would see the Fluctuating Signal Bars. This isn’t due to Amish on the phones, though I have seen younger ones with them, this is due to Cellphones being in their infancy and too few Towers.

    3. The Signals Discussed in your Blog today were the Cell Tower’s awareness of the Cellphones in the area, each Cellphone has a Unique ID. It sounds like they Triangulated the Signals, so that they bought the data from Cell Towers and more than one Cell Tower was aware of the phone being in the area. I’d imagine the Towers default to the Cell Tower with the Strongest Signal handling the calls, and as a person Drives, the calls are handed off to the Next Tower, and so on, as leaving the area makes the signal from a specific tower increasingly weak.

    Though the Technology is amazing, their ability to Track a person is Amazing too. There area Apps for phones that allow you to see the location of the phone at any given time. A young boy in the back of a Carjacked Car was found by his mother using the App she already installed on his phone and she gave the info to the Police. My boss had the App on his Wife’s phone, and he could see where she was anytime he wanted to. If the App can Actively Track it, the same data would permit a similar program to track it after the fact.

    Very Interesting Article and Assessment. My discussion is on the Basics of Cellphone Transmissions and why the purchase of the Data should be able to be used as described.

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