5 New Things to Know About Mask Mandates as We Head Into Midterm Elections

Here are five latest developments and things to know about masking in the U.S. as Democrats, RINOS and Big Pharma face stern opposition in upcoming midterm elections.

1. Six more states have introduced changes to their mask rules: California, Connecticut, Delaware, New Jersey, New York and Oregon. 

2. The governors in California, Delaware and Oregon have all set expiration dates for statewide indoor mask mandates.

3. In New York, a rule requiring businesses to ask customers for proof of vaccination or require masks expired Feb. 9. A separate mandate requiring masks be worn in New York schools is set to expire in a few weeks, though it’s not yet clear whether that will be dropped or extended.

Connecticut, Delaware and New Jersey have also set dates for when school-based mask mandates will expire.

4. The six states proposing changes are led by Democratic governors, which adds another acknowledgment that the CDC, FDA, Dr. Anthony Fauci and the Biden Administration’s provided inconsistent and questionable approaches to masking guidance throughout the pandemic.

The political party control of states has come to be an inconsistent framework of variations in masking rules. Many Democratic governors enforced the strictest masking mandates, while their Republican counterparts lifted mandates, did not issue them or in some instances, such as Texas and Florida, banned them successfully.

5. Mask mandates have been following political party lines. With the clout lobbyists, Big Pharma, Big Tech, and mainstream media has with Democrats and RINOs, there continues the likelihood to mandates will be reintroduced during future or seasonal surges.

Many officials and medical experts are providing mixed messages regarding the relaxation of public health restrictions, including mask mandates and indoor gathering restrictions. To the dismay of Big Pharma stakeholders and stockholders, the “omicron surge” is receding.

According to Ashish Jha, MD, dean of Brown University’s School of Public Health in Providence, R.I., “Why not leave them on? Because mask mandates are costly and should be used sparingly, and because during future surges, we may need to ask people to pull back or mask up again.”

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  1. Jack / Dodie,

    It is not enough to mock or even to resist the “excesses” of the past two years. While we are seeing some “relief” from the lock-downs and restrictions, make no mistake, they are only temporary if the politicians that forced them or acquiesced to them are re-elected. This madness was never about a virus or about “science” or an “abundance of caution”. It was about control, pure and simple.

    Our fore-fathers did not decide to remain subjugated under a more sympathetic Parliament or a less despotic King.It was total Freedom or…nothing. As a Country we have allowed ourselves to be ruled and regulated by un-elected and un-accountable agencies, judges and “officials”. We stand for bakers being forced by courts and local politicians to bake pastries for someone making a political statement that is antithetical to that bakers religious beliefs while, at the same time, we accept political decisions that use taxpayer money to display figures of Christ in a jar of urine or paintings of His mother, Mary, smeared with animal dung – all in the name of “artistic expression” and “free speech”. Freedom of Choice, it seems, applies mostly to the mentally ill, criminals and perverts.

    If we as a Nation are to survive, un-electing the political class and dismantling the State Bureaucracy must be a priority.

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  2. I always felt that Masks were the weakest link. NIOSH, that Tests and Researches on, among other things, Respiratory Protection, is overseen by the CDC. NIOSH (National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health) makes their research know, and OSHA is free to adopt it as they see fit. NIOSH had to know that MASKS do not protect the wearer, and Masks have limited ability to protect others from the wearer. But they were Represented as virtual HAZMAT Suits by the govt in protective gear. It was total nonsense, and much of the other aspects of the pandemic are likely to be nonsense too. I believe covid exists, but I think it was overstated by rigging the numbers. Overstated does not mean it wasn’t deadly for many, but the numbers of deaths were likely augmented by questionable handling of the data.

    N95s have a Face to Facepiece Seal, Masks have none. The govt misrepresented Masks, and the media should have protected the masses by responsibly reporting on the issue, but as of late, the media and the govt seem to be one in the same.

    OHSA says that N95s or better, when mandatory use is required by the employer, requires each Respirator Wearing Employee to get a Yearly Physical, Yearly Fit Test, and Training, and the Employer must have a Respirator Program in place.

    OSHA admits that:

    “Respirator use of all kinds can cause alterations in breathing patterns, hypoventilation, retention of carbon dioxide, and an increase in workload on the body.”

    The govt is digging their own hypothetical grave deeper and deeper. Masks don’t work, and (to actually work properly) N95s require Physicals, Fit Tests, and Training, and if the govt just hands them out, most likely they won’t work either because few will be using them properly.

    I see no real sign that the govt has ever tried, responsibly, to stop this pandemic, and one of the worst signs was their mediocre reliance on Masks.

    If Masks will still be used, for Deaf Children and those with Disabilities where seeing the mouth of the teacher may be needed, there are Masks Fitted with Clear Plastic Screens to permit the Lips and Mouth to be shown, in essence they are part visor and part Mask. The Student and Teacher can be equipped with those.

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