New Figures: Americans Hurting Under Biden’s Reckless Inflation

The economy is so bad that even mainstream media can’t hide Joe Biden’s policies are hammering America’s consumers so much, they are wiping out pay raises.

The Biden Administration misrepresentations regarding the American economy are as troubling as their lies about the pandemic, illegal immigration, lack of military leadership and energy.

Compared to President Trump’s term, under the current White House resident’s first year, consumer prices skyrocketed 7.5 percent in 2021. This is the worst annual inflation since 1982.

🔹Used car prices are 40.5% higher than this time last year.

🔹Just food and housing prices alone are up 7.4 percent.

🔹Ground beef is up 13.4 percent.

🔹Even with generous raises in all categories (think traveling nurses, restaurants and fast food employees) average hourly wages haven fallen 1.3 percent after inflation.

🔹Lumber is up 30 percent.

🔹Household appliances have increased 13 percent.

While Big Media, Big Pharma, Big Tech, Big Digital and Big China continue to control Biden’s failing actions, Americans are paying an enormous price.

Trump put up with much media and political distortion during his successful time in office, but despite their continuous false reporting and outlooks, consumer prices remained consistently low throughout his administration.

The media pundits–without evidence–were wrong about Trump’s tax tariffs. They turned out not to be taxes on consumers after all. Citizens were relieved because the tax tariffs were absorbed by Chinese producers and exporters and the profit margins of most large U.S. companies.

For the vast majority of American citizens, Biden’s ineptness has resulted in prices rising above and faster than wages. Both low and middle income families are living with a much lower standard of living.

By mid-February, 2022, almost half of all Americans say inflation has put a tough strain on household finances.

Not only is Biden’s handling of the economy at a record low, his overall approval rating has plummeted. 

What Real America Is Saying


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  1. I’ll never get in the same boat with people like Marjorie or Trump, both disgusting, nasty, hateful scumbags who use hate and judgement to turn Americans against each other. But Joe Biden is a total disaster for this nation. He sat there saying, “it’ll go away, it’s temporary, it’s transient.” Well, I have a degree, served 5 years in the military, and work in the public sector and I live like a teen ager with a part time job. Everything is being erased by inflation.
    Rather than do anything about it, disgusting right wing nuts sell their stocks for a huge profit and then announce covid, while dems are too busy worried that some uber left minority with a weird sexual id “wins” if they get a part in a Marvel movie. WTF?!”?!?! I hate republicans and democrats.


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