The Navy Vet Who Didn’t Wear a Mask in the Hospital

“I live in a rural area of an overwhelmingly Blue State,” said the disabled United States Navy Veteran know as Dogman. “Yesterday I had to go to the regional hospital in my area for routine tests since I’m so far away from the nearest VA Hospital.”

“As I approached the doors, I saw a HUGE sign that stated ‘ALL EMPLOYEES AND PATIENTS MUST WEAR FACE COVERINGS’. So of course I went in without one to test their theory.”

Dogman entered the lobby and saw another large sign saying “STOP, all persons entering this building MUST wear face coverings”.

“I continued on my way without a mask to the information desk where I was asked if I had any symptoms of Covid, and they took my temperature with a laser device.”

“I looked around. I was the only person within my view without a mask. I went to a waiting area where there were about a dozen people waiting to be checked in. Again, I was the only one in the room without a mask. I took out my phone to check some messages and when I looked up, there where three other people not wearing masks that previously where.”

“I went about my business at that hospital without ever wearing a mask, and not only was I NOT harassed by hospital staff, but I gave other people the courage to take off their oppressive masks.”

“Sometimes it only takes one person to go against the grain to give others the will to do the same. BE THAT PERSON.”

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