The Beatles, Astounding Facts

The Beatles, when they broke up, were still in their 20s. The respective ages of The Beatles at the time of their break up were (from oldest to youngest), Ringo Starr – 29, John Lennon – 29, Paul McCartney – 27, and George Harrison, 27.

They’ve sold a completely astonishing 2.7 billion records, more than the combined sales figures of Elvis Presley (1.6 billion) and Michael Jackson (1.05 billion).

The Beatles recorded only 10 hours. and 28 minutes of music together. That’s all. No mas.

So far this century, The Beatles are the second highest selling musical act in the United States with 41 Million albums sold. Phenomenal. This is especially astonishing since the last time they recorded together was August 20, 1969—53 years ago as of 2022.

The Beatles invented:

🔹Backward masking.

🔹Backward guitar solos.

🔹Dance-rock (“Baby, You’re a Rich Man”).

🔹Automatic double tracking.

The Beatles are the only band ever to have an asteroid named after them. Individually and together, there are five asteroids named after them. (Elvis has one too).

That’s The Beatles in front followed by Lennon, McCartney, Harrison, Starr, George Martin and Brian Epstein. Behind The Beatles is Elvis.

They pioneered long-form music videos (Magical Mystery Tour), changed the expectation of performances (Ed Sullivan and Apple Rooftop), created the concept of the studio band, revitalised album art, changed the entire universe of popular culture and fashion.

It may be hip to downplay Ringo Starr’s contributions, but respected Eminent musicologist, musician, classical composer and author Ian MacDonald considers Ringo to be nothing less than the father of modern rock drumming. He especially highlights Ringo’s work on the Lennon song, Rain.

The Beatles have sold 2.6 Billion records because they are the greatest band ever.

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