General Flynn’s Family Calls University of Rhode Island’s New Woke Action ‘Cowardly and Corrupt’

Calling it “another example of cancel culture and ‘wokeness’ in our academic institutions,” Former National Security Advisor Gen. Michael Flynn blasted the University of Rhode Island prior to the Board of Trustees most recent liberal “woke” actions.

On Friday, January 21, 2022 the Board voted to revoke honorary degrees previously awarded to retired Lt. Gen. Flynn and former New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani.

🔹In 2003, Mayor Giuliani was awarded the Doctor of Laws Honoris Causa based on his demonstrated leadership in the wake of the September 11, 2001 attacks.

🔹In 2014, General Flynn, a 1981 graduate of the University and a three-star Army general, was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters.

On Thursday, the Flynn family issued a strong statement to the URI.

Today, our family learned the University of Rhode Island plans to disguise itself under a veil of false righteousness and turn its back on an American hero in a cowardly and corrupt attempt to discredit our brother, Lt. General Michael T. Flynn, USA (Ret.) and his life’s mission and work, without cause. 

If URI’s Board of Trustees gutlessly vote to revoke General Flynn’s honorary degree at their meeting Friday, January 21, 2022, the University will fail to stand for honor, truth, justice and morality, but instead, will smear its own reputation and dishonor its community, the State of Rhode Island, and General Flynn’s mother along with 10 of his siblings, nieces, and nephews who all graduated from the University.

The blatant hypocrisy arising out of the Board’s expected decision to revoke General Flynn’s honorary degree smacks in the face of the core principles of this Country and the stated mission of the University, itself.  With this flawed and crooked action, URI endorses the destructive and tyrannical cancel culture, bowing down to the woke mob and repressive forces, while revealing itself to lack the intellectual capacity, fortitude or integrity that is required of an American public university in the 21st century.

General Flynn has dedicated his life to protect and preserve the United States of America and the freedoms and liberties enjoyed by all citizens of this great country, including those associated with the University of Rhode Island.  His unwavering love for God and Country – above all else – is the torch of light that he carried through decades of public service to America as a U.S. Army soldier and military leader of tens of thousands of young men and women in battlefields around the world…

…For our nation to survive the deep-seated remarkable corruption exposed over the last several years, including the four-year political persecution of General Flynn as a means “to get Trump,” will take new leaders and brave Americans to courageously stand up to the controlling forces of evil, intent upon destroying this great nation.  When an injustice to one person occurs in America, it happens to all citizens.

But America is awakened. She will no longer tolerate election fraud, media propagandists who acquiesce to their puppeteers, nor the fraudulent, treacherous rhetoric cloaked as wokeness. Those days are over. This moment in time demands more from all of us. The Flynn Family and General Flynn are still on the field and will continue to fight for America with all our might to ensure that all citizens enjoy their God-given rights to freedom, liberty, and equal justice under the law without fear of retaliation.

Astoundingly, URI’s new President Mr. Marc Parlange distorts the facts and adopts lies and gossip spread for years in connection with the, now confirmed, framing of General Flynn.  Mr. Parlange’s recommendation to revoke General Flynn’s honorary degree lacks moral courage, prioritizes pettiness over principles, and sets an unsavory, disturbing precedent.

In fact, former U.S. DOJ Attorney General William Barr, in his May 2020 interview with CBS News Correspondent Catherine Herridge, verified the DOJ decision to dismiss the false charge against General Flynn was “to undo an injustice.” He further revealed the so-called January 24, 2017 interview of General Flynn by now disgraced FBI agents had “no legitimate basis” and was orchestrated as a “perjury trap” of General Flynn.

Furthermore, in September 2020, FBI Special Agent William J. Barnett testified – under oath – in an interview arising out of the DOJ’s independent investigation, led by USAO-EDMO Jeffery Jensen, into the truth behind, and the facts of, the General’s case, that he believed the prosecution of Flynn was used as a means to “get TRUMP.” 

URI is without redemption to the Flynn Family and all others who seek right over wrong and truth over lies.

“After reviewing the recommendation from the President, who endorsed the committee’s recommendation, the Board voted to approve the revocation of these honorary degrees,” said Chair of the Board of Trustees Margo Cook.

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  1. URI, the University, of Rhode Island.

    URI is upper respiratory tract infection (upper respiratory infection), what a timely occurrence. covid ravages the economy, sanity, and relationships, and frankly, liberals do the same. Most of these universities will not do something similar to a liberal icon regardless of their crimes.

    Nothing surprises me anymore.

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