It Took Love and Courage To Speak Out Against Tyranny and Power

Much of Washington DC, Hollywood, the world of media and celebrities, are swamp of hypocrisy and greed.

Many of the scandals and truths today were once labeled and reported as “conspiracy” by the corrupt and powerful.

In 2005, Courtney Love tried to warn women about Harvey Weinstein, but unfortunately, no one listened and for over a decade people didn’t realize the brave thing she did.

In an interview at the Comedy Central 2005 roast of Pamela Anderson, the interviewer asked her, “Do you have any advice for a young girl moving to Hollywood?”

“Ummm… I’ll get libeled if I say it,” Love answered. “If Harvey Weinstein invites you to a private party in the four seasons, don’t go.”

While everyone in Hollywood kept quiet about being abused or knowing that Weinstein was abusing women, Courtney stood up and spoke, but because she was considered crazy or a loose canon no one paid attention to her.  She suffered the consequences for trying to speak up against one of the most powerful men in the industry that just kept on abusing and scarring women for life for another decade.

More examples include:

🔹Jeffery Epstein’s influence traded for sex with young, and sometimes underage girls.

🔹Media and Democrat hoax of Russia-Russia-Russia.

🔹Enormous amounts of deaths from COVID experimental ‘vaccines.’

🔹Corrupt, illegal or false government mandates: lockdowns, nursing home scandals, unnecessary/unhealthy masks, no religious assembly, dangerous vaccines, etc.

🔹The southern border wall and illegal immigration.

🔹2020 Election. (Media proclamations: “without evidence,” “the Big Lie”…)

🔹Big Pharma ties and influence with law makers and government.

The list is massive.

Remember what President Ronald Reagan once told us, “Don’t be afraid to see what you see.”


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  1. As a Republican, I was given a special opportunity. I was appointed to a Union Representative position at my facility (by the local president). I respect the local president and to this day, would stand in respect if he entered the room, as I did many times at the mill. He was a dyed-in-the-wool Democrat, and I was a Conservative Republican. But he was an advocate for those that elected him, without question. He could happen across a situation where a supervisor was in the act of initiating discipline on a Union member for some infraction, and this president would rip the supervisor a new one, often successfully, without even knowing the particulars of the situation. Not long after he appointed me, the local election predictions had him losing by a wide majority, and likely my appointment with him, but he won by a wide majority. So much for predictions. (Not for his election, or his next successor, mentioned below, but the one after that, we had to show, for the first time ever, our Company ID to vote. How ironic. You couldn’t vote unless you were a member. When you arrive, they pull your union card and mark that you voted that year, and everyone knew everyone else to a large degree, but they wanted Photo ID to vote, I thought Democrats opposed that?)

    But one among us, in the Union appointed Reps, had essentially sold out the membership to the company, for personal enrichment, and for some reason I never could understand, he was loved by all. Long after I was removed from my appointed job; just a routine thing since incoming local presidents can appoint who they want, and I did in fact, last beyond the president I mentioned above, for the single term his successor had, a successor that worked with the local president I respected but not learned from him; the Union rep that sold out the membership, was still in his position.

    I worked with others that also were dedicated to the job they were appointed to, like I was, but in general, I have never understood what makes people tick. That Hollywood would be offended by a comment by Trump years ago, but not the ongoing molestation of women (and likely young girls) by Hollywood, is incomprehensible, unless, as my sell-out Union rep coworker did, and obviously this is the case, they are more concerned about their pockets than principles.

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