Our Readers Favorite Elvis Presley Articles & Photos

The recorded voice of Elvis Presley has been heard by more people than any other in human existence. Elvis remains arguably the most famous and recognizable entertainer in history. From music, movies and memorabilia, his lifetime earnings were $4.3 billion–worth $19 billion today. His earnings since his death on August 16, 1977 far exceed that.

Here are some of our readers favorite articles about Elvis from Clever Journeys, beginning with the most widely viewed.

Presley’s Cousin Harold Loyd Reveals Secrets of Young Elvis

B.B. King, Others Knew and Defended Elvis Presley Against All Racist Assertions

The Shrewd 11-year-old Who Wouldn’t Negotiate With Elvis Presley

Behind The Scenes of ‘Elvis On Tour’ 1972 in Texas

8-Year-Old Denise Sanchez Met Elvis Before She Died

A True Story of Elvis Presley and June Juanico

How Elvis Became a Guitar Man

The Day Elvis’ Heart Stopped Hurting

Elvis’ Manager Colonel Tom Parker’s Birthday Gift to Himself

Sam Phillips Introduced Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Many Others to the World

Elvis Presley’s 1st #1 National Hit Record Released 66 Years Ago Today

Favorite Fan Photos

Elvis Presley, The Rockin’ Motorcycle King in Photos

More Rare or Unseen Elvis Presley Pictures From the 60s

25 MORE Rare Photos of Elvis Presley in the Army

20 Rare Photos of Elvis Presley in the U.S. Army

20 Elvis Presley Photos You May Have Never Seen From The 1960s

Elvis Presley: Rare Shots From the 1970s

Elvis Presley Movies Ranked

10 Rare Elvis Presley Photos in the 1950s

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