New Mexico Redistricts to Favor Socialist Democrats

New Mexico is following California’s lead in redistricting to solidify more Democrat power in the state.

New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham (D) signed the state’s new congressional map into law on Dec. 17. The map will take effect for New Mexico’s 2022 elections. 

The New Mexico Republican Party’s Steve Pearce criticized the map, saying: “these maps are far from fair representation, and they are a disservice to constituents. The real losers are the rural voices of New Mexico, conservative Democrats, Republicans, and independents.”

In 2020, New Mexico led the nation in teen suicides due to the Democratic stance to not open schools during the pandemic.

In April of that year, Gov. Lujan Grisham issued press release informing citizens they would be the second state to close businesses: “The only way for us to stop the spread of this virus is for New Mexicans to stop interacting with each other.”

“New Mexicans must be crystal-clear on this point: Right now, every time you leave your house, you are putting yourself, your family and your community at risk,” she said. “Only by distancing from one another, by remaining home except for essential or emergency travel, can we limit the spread of this virus to the point that it does not overwhelm New Mexico.” 

The state Senate approved the redistricting plan 25-15 on Dec. 10, and the state House of Representatives approved it 44-24 on Dec. 11. Both votes were largely along party lines—all Democrats voted in favor and 38 Republicans and one Democrat voted against. The Santa Fe New Mexican’s Robert Nott wrote that the proposal “gives Democrats a comfortable lead in all three congressional districts.”

New Mexico is the 20th state to complete congressional redistricting after the 2020 census. By this date after the 2010 census, 28 states had completed drawing new congressional district boundaries.

State Senate Majority Leader Peter Wirth (D) propagandized, “The new congressional map creates districts where we have to work together — rural and urban, north and south, and Democrats, Republicans and independents. That is a good thing.” 

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  1. Democrat advantages from redistricting.

    That may be, but at the moment the Democrats’ advantages exist only on paper.

    There is still a long way to go before the 2023 elections. Population patterns will change, as will political realities, and the one Democrat who voted against may become two or three for Donald at the ballot box.

    When Peter Wirth (D) touts that “Democrats, Republicans and independents need to work together,” the new congressional map has not benefited Democrats, has it?

    The Democrats’ goals are different than the Republicans’ goals, after all, and there can be no Democratic compromise. There can be only one goal, to make life worth living again for Americans. To be allowed to live in freedom, to be able to decide for themselves, to be able to defend themselves. Honest elections and freedom of speech.

    There must not be a governmental caring siege, a present in poverty and oppression.

    The new electoral districts will not help the Democrats to continue their policies against the majority of Americans.

    Nice Christmastime. 🎄

    Liked by 1 person

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