More Hospitals Closing Operations in Democratic States

The coming winter could prove calamitous for the healthcare industry due to a perfect storm of staffing shortages, experimental vaccine mandates, COVID-19, and flu season.

Currently, 30% of healthcare workers left their jobs in 2021 due to forced vaccinations, declining working conditions and the pandemic.

  • 18% of health care workers have quit their jobs while another 12% were laid off.
  • Among health care workers who have kept their jobs during the pandemic, 33% have considered leaving.
  • 79% of health care professionals said the national worker shortage has affected them and their place of work.

Nursing Homes & Assisted Living

The majority of nursing homes and assisted living facilities are facing staffing shortages and say that their workforce situation has gotten worse in 2021, according to a survey from the American Health Care Association and National Center for Assisted Living (AHCA/NCAL).

When asked if their organization’s overall workforce situation has gotten better or worse, 86 percent of nursing homes and 77 percent of assisted living facilities responded with “somewhat worse” or “much worse.”

Hospitals, Especially in Democrat Controlled Areas, Are Hardest Hit With Staff Shortages


Watsonville (Calif.) Community Hospital is preparing to lay off 677 workers, according to a notice filed with the state Nov. 29. 

Hospital CEO Steven Salyer said in early November that the 106-bed facility would close in late January without a buyer. The hospital entered Chapter 11 bankruptcy Dec. 5 and announced a tentative sale agreement had been reached with the Pajaro Valley Healthcare District Project. The nonprofit group has agreed to act as the stalking horse purchaser of the hospital, according to bankruptcy documents. 

If the sale to the nonprofit group or another buyer is finalized by Jan. 28, all 677 employees will be terminated by Watsonville Community Hospital. “We are asking potential buyers to offer employment to our employees,” Mr. Salyer said in the notice to the state. 

If a sale isn’t finalized, the hospital will close after the bankruptcy court authorizes those steps, and all employees would be terminated Jan. 28, according to the notice to the state. 

“The hospital is saddened to have to take this step but remains hopeful that the sale will go through, and that the hospital will be able to continue serving the community,” Mr. Salyer said.


The Detroit Medical Center has ended its kidney transplant program, the hospital confirmed yesterday.

The program ended Nov. 12, leaving 146 patients on transplant waiting lists to seek alternative care.

“The DMC has decided to close the kidney transplant program,” Jason Barczy, the medical center’s group manager of operational communications.

Closed section of hospital

“We are working closely with patients currently on our wait list or receiving post-transplant care in the program to support them through their transition into another program in the area. Staff members impacted by the closure are being considered for other open positions available across the health system.”

Barczy did not confirm the number of staff members affected by the closure. 


Nearly all health facilities (96 percent) in Massachusetts reported shortages in registered nurses in October. Seventy-eight (78%) percent reported shortages in mental health workers. 

Psychiatric units and hospitals in Massachusetts have taken at least 154 additional mental beds offline solely because of staffing needs within the last 10 months.

The COVID-19 experimental vaccine mandates and the pandemic has fumed the existing mental health crisis that has led to this increased need for mental health services, including inpatient psychiatric placement. There has been increased “boarding” in Massachusetts hospital emergency rooms and medical-surgical units caused by patients waiting for mental health beds.

To examine the effect of staffing shortages on the state’s inpatient mental health system, the Massachusetts Health and Hospital Association and Massachusetts Association of Behavioral Health Systems surveyed freestanding psychiatric facilities and psychiatric units in acute care hospitals in February and October, with 51 respondents in the first survey and 56 in the second.

🔹In February, facilities reported that 208 beds, or 9 percent of reported licensed beds were closed because of staffing needs.

🔹In October, this compared to 362 beds, or 14 percent of reported licensed beds.

🔹The result means at least 154 additional mental beds were reported as taken offline solely because of staffing within the last 10 months.

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    Well since the Democrat Communist Dictator Party stole a Presidential election and now we have “Democrats Gone Wild” with Wild Blue States being Stripped Down to the Bare Essentials fiscally speaking with mismanaged irresponsible overspending a given; with “Democrats Gone Wild” style spending what else could we expect but for these strongholds of debauchery and madness but to go Belly Up! Remember all the George Floyd riots which Democrats call protests in the Blue States during the summer of 2020 with the property damage alone going into the billions of dollars not mentioning loss of livelihoods or jobs due to that lunacy with an end result of enormous unemployment benefits required to sustain citizens who no longer have an income? And who do you think ended up footing the bill for all of that carnage that insurance won’t carry? Was it the Governors and Mayors of those locales or what about Biden or many of the crooked politicians with all of their ill-gotten gains that goes into the hundreds of millions, did they make any gargantuan donations to bail those Cities and States out or even a fraction of the cost for that matter? NOPE it was all handed to them when they made sure Crooked Scranton Joe got into the White House and the Spending Bill the Democrat Communist Party appropriated just like the 468 $Billion that Scranton Joe pulled together for Abortion from Government Coffers, and yes you guessed it we the nobody citizen taxpayers in their eyes who end up footing the bill! BIG WASTE OF RESOURSES SORELY NEEDED TO PAY DOWN DEBT AND SHORE UP OUR BORDERS AMONG OTHER VITAL MATTERS THAT ARE ABOUT TO IMPLODE THIS NATION!
    Here is a nicely explained portion of an article by Peter Grant via Bayou Renaissance Man and mind you though this is from back in March with things since having gotten much worse; this clearly points out just how insane things are in Washington so this illustrates how things are getting exponentially worse by the month! And this report is one of many that really cuts to the chase much better than I ever could, with Bayou Renaissance Man’s Peter Grant’s razor sharp focus on the facts and his keen insight into the mechanics of the fiscally irresponsible “current crooked government” in general, but, especially the “Left Wing Out of Control Banshees of America” which is heading nowhere but downhill fast; with the “Wimp Republican Crony Party” cheerleading from behind, with “Ditch-Mitch” as their point man! God help us!

    Brother in Christ Jesus,
    Lawrence Morra III

    In case you doubt any of this and haven’t been catching many of the finer bits of information out there here is an example of what is leading America presently! This to me spells it out 100% just how screwed this Nation is right now! The Puppet POTUS Scranton Crazy Joe and This Basket Case!

    Wednesday, March 10, 2021
    “As predicted, the Biden administration will bail out “blue state” and union pensions – with our money”

    “Many commenters, including yours truly, warned about this more than once: and now it’s about to happen. As soon as the stimulus bill is signed into law, hundreds of billions of dollars of US federal taxpayer money will be used to bail out pension funds in states that have crippled themselves through over-promising and under-saving.

    The so-called American Rescue Plan, which would be more accurately called the Democrats Looting the National Fisc to Pay Off Demanding Constituencies and Grease Every Squeaky Wheel to the Left of Mitt Romney (DLNFPODCGESWLMR) Act, contains a few nickels and dimes for coronavirus vaccinations and billions upon billions of dollars to bail sundry labor bosses and financial managers out of the most recent episode of financial trouble associated with union pension plans, a decades-long parade of organized crime and disorganized incompetence brought to you by the Teamsters, the mafia, Wall Street, and the most ruthless mob of them all: the U.S. government.

    This is straight-up piracy, but it is also more than that. Like their public-sector counterparts, these union-run multi-employer plans are in trouble not because of the coronavirus epidemic or some other unforeseeable circumstance but simply because they have promised extraordinarily generous benefits and failed to put aside money to pay for them. Under pressure from previous underfunding, the managers of these pensions (a committee that has over the years included everyone from Goldman Sachs to Labor Department regulators) have sought out riskier and riskier investments, hoping to achieve higher returns and help them close the gap. That has — contain your jactitations of shock and alarm! — not always worked out as intended. (The thing about risk is, it’s risky.) In effect, they took their money to the casino, came up short, and now are using their political clout with the Biden administration and congressional Democrats to demand that somebody else — you taxpaying suckers — make good on their losses.

    Democrats in Congress — and, especially, those who hope to one day become president — take their orders from the union goons because while the American labor movement represents relatively few private-sector workers, it can end any given Democrat’s career in elected office pretty easily. (See: California, hilariously incompetent misgovernance of.) And, increasingly, the labor movement is dominated by public-sector employees rather than private-sector ones, public-school teachers and police rather than factory workers and truck drivers. These public-sector workers are naturally comfortable with the forced transfer of wealth from the public at large to rapacious and highly organized political constituencies — that is their business model.

    There’s more at the link.
    Illinois is the worst-performing state among those desperate for bailouts. Wirepoints reports:

    Illinois’ pension debt, already the nation’s biggest, grew to $317 billion in 2020 according to a new report from Moody’s Investors Service.”

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