Vintage Wisdom About Socialism We Once Knew

Due to media and education indoctrination, many people don’t recognize that much of what they enjoy in life is a result of capitalism and would disappear if socialism were to be implemented.





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From award-winning Texas author Cynthia Leal Massey.

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  1. As a union Rep for over 7 years (union member for about 27 years); appointed by one local union president, kept in by the next, and dismissed by the subsequent one that, as unions do at times, who filled the positions with his own people; I had seen my share of crazy things.

    Meetings at the international (I wasn’t there, but talked to elected Reps that were) discussed such important issues as the threat the “Tea Party” posed to America (this is propaganda common in union efforts). I have been at the international and seen federal employees speak, and saw them degrading Republicans, and I saw the lackluster response by other union members present to that degradation, and similar tactics used by the union to polarize the membership. By lackluster response, I mean the membership was not responding to propaganda, and by my facility’s support for Trump in 2016 and I’m sure in 2020, I’d say the union has a problem, the membership is independently thinking.

    One elected union member was teling me one day of the “Tyranny of the Masses”. It appears that despite democrats wrongly calling the U.S. a democracy, and their simplified concept that the masses determine elections (specifically I’m addressing popular vote vs electoral college determined elections) that even the “masses” can run roughshod over specific issues, and special authority must be given to the leadership to protect the few from the many and to assure the rights of those few.

    My international supported Obamacare. It passed. As a result, my Deductible increased, my Copays increased, Covered items decreased, and my choice of Insurers went from 3 to 1, and that 1 sent a rep to explain the miserable coverage they offered and if you don’t like it, too bad. This is what my union got for their membership by supporting Obamacare?

    One woman speaking to the new health provider Rep (I was present as she spoke to him) had 3 Special Needs children in a school who’s cost was covered by our previous insurance. As soon as the school heard of our new insurance provider, they removed all 3 children, saying the insurance provider doesn’t cover their services and it’s pointless to keep them in pending an official denial of coverage by the insurer.

    As we’ve seen with closed pipelines, and incessant regulations by the EPA that stifle industry, democrats allegiance to communism means they are not the Working Man’s party any longer, and the membership must continue to use their intellect and instincts and vote for the party that does support their employment.

    Great series of memes, enjoyed looking through them all. I think liberalism is a mental disease, and it’s exacting a toll on us all.

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